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ZynBit for Salesforce Introduces Sales Process Analytics with ZynCal

5 December 2017 Uncategorized

ZynBit Introduces Sales Process Analytics with ZynCal November 30th, 2017 ZynBit introduces a new way to analyze sales cycles and create workflow efficiency.  By mapping the customer journey to meetings and opportunities, sales executives can more accurately predict revenue based on deal progress.  With ZynCal, sales reps can fill their calendars with qualified customer meetings […]

Time Zone

Salesforce Administrator Tips From Another Admin – Time Zones

8 November 2017 Salesforce, CRM Admin

Salesforce Administrator Tips From Another Admin |Area Code To Time Zone Salesforce Formula Business Problem: Salesforce Area Code Formula Populates Time Zone Field Do your Sales and Customer Success Reps have to research contact’s time zone to determine the best time to connect? That time can be much better-spent understanding and connecting with customers. You can […]

Live Panel

Are B2B #Sales Commissions Here to Stay or Going Away?

2 November 2017 Sales

Are B2B #Sales Commissions Here to Stay or Going Away?  For many organizations, the traditional way of thinkings is that salespeople are motivated by money and therefore commissions keep them motivated. But, do commissions really motivate? According to this article in the Harvard Business Journal, “sales reps complaints included quotas that were set too high, subpar territories, […]

Win With Data

The Cloud Economy: Why Smart Companies #WinWithData

24 October 2017 Uncategorized

Smart Companies #WinWithData Today, the IDC releases an update to their 2016 Study on the Salesforce Economy projecting how Salesforce, its customers and partners will impact the global economy by 2022. Why Smart Companies #WinWithData? In this new age of the customer, smart companies are investing heavily in cloud solutions to improve and optimize the customer […]

Top 5 Sales Training & Demo Tools

19 October 2017 Uncategorized

Top 5 Sales Training & Demo Tools The top 5 sales training and demo tools by ZynBit’s Derek Wyszynski that all sales teams should consider to help elevate your demo and brand story. Working in today’s buyer world, sales professionals in 2018 are looking to find ways to incorporate marketing and story into their process. Sales […]

Crash Course | The Future of Sales in The New Normal

11 October 2017 Uncategorized, Sales

Sales Hackers Guide To The Galaxy Vol. 7 – Crash Course | The Future of Sales in The New Normal The fast pace growth of Technology has continued to influence the way people buy. It’s so easy now to 1,2,3 click and buy without ever talking to a single person at company X. This shift is […]

We Were Wrong- Everyone is NOT in Sales

19 September 2017 Sales, Customer Success

We’ve all heard the saying that “Everyone is in Sales.” It’s the message that everyone in the whatever org or company we work in – from sales to service to fulfillment to administration – should treat every interaction with a customer as a “selling moment.” It’s supposed to be inspirational – and it is for salespeople! Because we think that we […]

Salesforce Dreamforce Conference 2017

Win a Trip to Salesforce Dreamforce Conference 2017

11 September 2017 Salesforce, Events, CRM

Be ZynBit’s Guest to Salesforce Dreamforce Conference 2017: Dreamforce Pass + Hotel + Travel = Awesomesauce! ZynBit wants you to be our guest at Salesforce Dreamforce Conference 2017!  Join ZynBit plus 170K+ peers November 6th through 9th in San Francisco! One Lucky Winner will be picked and announced on October 6th! ZynBit wants to offer one lucky winner […]

Customer Experience is Sales 3.0

Sales Hacker’s Guide To The Galaxy Vol. 6: Customer Experience is Sales 3.0

23 August 2017 Salesforce, Sales

Customer Experience is Sales 3.0  What is Customer Experience? Customer experience is defined as the sum total of conscious events, as as a coordinated series of interactions between a customer and a brand to accomplish anything. Above all words – a customer experience is defined by the customer, for the customer, at each touch-point, each […]

I’m getting REALLY tired of scheduling sales meetings…so I’m just not gonna do it anymore.

19 July 2017 Salesforce, Sales, CRM, Product

 As a B2B salesperson, I have HAD IT. It’s just TOO hard trying to herd all the cats I have to – simply to get three people in a web conference for 30 minutes “next week some time.”  The act of scheduling meetings takes WAY too much time out of my day. Back in the olden days, […]