Basic Pricing

Choose your package

When you download the FREE Plugin, you automatically enrolled in the 14-Day Trial and all functionality is available for you to use.
After the trial period has ended you will be prompted to upgrade if you wish to continue using the advanced functionality. Basic functionality of the FREE Plugin is uninterrupted.

All pricing is per user, per month.


$10 / month

  • Includes Everything With Free Plus…
  • Advanced
    Salesforce Integration
  • Admin/IT Controls
  • Advanced Email Integration
  • Email Tracking
  • Auto - File Email Replies
  • One-Way Sync To Salesforce
  • Contact IQ
  • Email, Phone, and
    Desktop Support
14-Day Trial


+$10 / month

  • Two-Way Sync for your Email Account & Salesforce
  • Contact Sweep
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
14-Day Trial

Productivity Bundle

$20 / month

Billed Annually
  • Includes Everything With Free Plus…
  • ZynBox
  • ZynSync
  • ZynMobile (when available)
  • Email, Phone, and
    Desktop Support
14-Day Trial


$25 / month

Billed Annually
  • Includes Everything With Zynbox Plus…
  • Zyntrack Web Visitor Tracking
  • Web IQ
  • Team Dashboards
  • Opportunity IQ
  • Sales IQ
  • ZynMobile (when available)
  • VIP Access to the
    ZynIQ Roadmap
  • Email, Phone, and
    Desktop Support
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Modules – Standalone or Add-On

Adds additional functionality to any subscription level. Price is per user, per month. Special Bundle Pricing Available.


+$10 / month

  • Connect your Email & Attachments to a document collaboration system
  • Documents & Attachments
  • Email
  • Integrations
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Bundle and Save

Get ZynBox, ZynSync and ZynMobile for $20 / month.

Why ZynBit?

Simplify Your Work

Your CRM becomes invisible. Be able to do all your work where you live with CRM from your inbox.

Customer Intelligence

Work smarter with ZynBit connected to your website, email and CRM. Grow revenue when you get actionable customer intelligence.

Web Visitor Tracking

Engage your customers like a boss when you know where and when they have been on your website. Your prospects will be more receptive to timely and relevant follow ups.

Synchronize Customer Data

Forget data entry! With all your calendar meetings, tasks and emails synchronized you'll have more time to enage with customers.

Be Productive

Instead of time consuming reporting, data massaging, and data entry, spend more of your time converting leads, closing opportunities, and satisfying customers.

Raise Your Customer IQ

Your customer data is complete and accurate, you’re measuring what matters, you truly understand your customers, and your teams are performing with precision.

Frequently asked

Does ZynBit support Citrix, Terminal Server and Remote Desktop?

Yes. ZynBit supports mass deployment for Office 365 and Gmail as well as virtual desktops and images. Contact Support for directions.

Does ZynBit store any of my Salesforce data?

No. ZynBit does not store any of your email content or other proprietary Salesforce data.

Can I easily deploy ZynBit to all my Salesforce users?

Yes. ZynBit supports mass deployment via MSI for Outlook desktop, managed Chrome extension publishing for Google Apps for Work and Web add-in deployment for Office 365.

Can I configure my ZynBit page layout?

Absolutely! The ZynBit integration approach is completely automated whereas no services are required. The integration is built on the fly based on the users permissions and settings in Salesforce. Manage all of your configuration in Salesforce and it will be automatically reflected in the ZynBit side panel.

What's included in ZynBit FREE?

ZynBit free includes Salesforce side panel functionality for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases with the ability to file emails to Salesforce, search, edit, update, log calls, events and tasks.

Can ZynBit integrate with solutions like Task Ray, OnePlace and Talent Rover?

Yes. ZynBit supports all custom objects whether you build them into Salesforce or whether you purchase them from a development partner.