A Story of ZynBit Love

27 December 2016 Amy Green Salesforce, CRM, CRM Admin, CRM Adoption

It has been an awesome year at ZynBit! We are feeling the Zyn and the love! We have hit some major milestones over the last 12 months and owe it all to our users! Our wonderful users! This year we have gone from less than 50 reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange to over 275 reviews and 4.8 out of 5 rating!! WOW!! Again, wonderful users!

So to make sure all of the time that our user have taken to show us the love isn’t missed, we have put together this ninety-second video to show the ZynBit love! You can also check them out for yourself on the ZynBit Salesforce AppExchange listing. We take the time to read every review and in doing so we found that there are three majors themes that we see from our customers; ZynBit is easy to use, it saves Salesforce users lots of time, and our customer service is excellent! But, we didn’t say that our users did!

Thanks to our Zynners for believing in us and making 2016 the best year yet! We can’t wait to see what in store for 2017!!




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