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7 Free Prospecting Tools You Can Use Today

28 June 2017 Amy Green Sales Prospecting

Prospecting in the “New Normal” is harder than it ever was! Derek Wyszynski can tell you!

The Brutal truth is that buyers would prefer to not talk to you! It’s sad, we know, but it’s true. As a sales professional, it’s still your job to sell and make your number, but how do you do it if no one will listen, no one will take your calls, no one will respond to your emails- What do you do?? You have to get smart and not just smart, but smarter not just than the competition, because you are also competing against all the other sales professionals who also want to sell to the same person that you are! 


We want to help you out, so we have put together a list of 7 FREE Tools that if you are not using them you should be using them and right away- because your competition might be using it right now!


  1. Elucify- Crowdsourced Leads 
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator- Your First Month is Free! 
  3. HooteSuite– Connect your social networks so you can stay on top of your industry news and what your prospects are interested in.
  4. Twitter 
  5. Facebook 
  6. ZynBit – Win With DataZynBit tracks and analyzes customer email, web visits, meetings, calls and tasks in one place to help teams prospect, sell and service customers more efficiently.   With ZynBit, companies can enable teams with analytics and automation to increase revenues on one platform.
  7. ZoomInfo- Free trial – Find Relevant and lookalike contacts and companies that match up to your ICP.



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