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email artificial intelligence

4 Ways Sales Professionals Can Harness the Power of Email Artificial Intelligence

12 September 2019 Sales Intelligence, Sales Prospecting

Despite the growing number of competing marketing and sales channels, email is still considered an essential tool for reaching out to potential customers, generating leads, and closing deals. Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census, ranked email marketing as the #1 best channel in terms of ROI. According to HubSpot, 79% of B2B marketers credit email as […]


Get More Leads With These Sales Intelligence Tools

27 August 2019 Sales Intelligence

The way we conduct business today is vastly different from how we did it even just a few years ago. Yesterday’s top-selling tactics like door-to-door or telemarketing are pretty much outdated now. And this is all thanks to developments in technology, especially automation. Sales professionals in the 21st century need to rely on many different […]

How Data Skills Can Boost Your Salary as a Salesforce Administrator

How Data Skills Can Boost Your Salary as a Salesforce Administrator

6 August 2019 Sales Intelligence, Sales Strategy, Salesforce

Data-Savvy Sales Ops and Salesforce Admins Earn 10.7% More Than Their Peers If you work in sales operations or Salesforce administration, the secret to commanding a higher salary comes down to one thing: data skills. In their report for IBM and the Business-Higher Education Forum, Burning Glass Technologies conducted a comprehensive study of the marketplace […]

ZynCal for Salesforce, GCal, Outlook and 365

ZynBit for Salesforce Introduces Sales Process Analytics with ZynCal

5 December 2017 Sales Intelligence, Salesforce

ZynBit Introduces Sales Process Analytics with ZynCal November 30th, 2017 ZynBit introduces a new way to analyze sales cycles and create workflow efficiency.  By mapping the customer journey to meetings and opportunities, sales executives can more accurately predict revenue based on deal progress.  With ZynCal, sales reps can fill their calendars with qualified customer meetings […]

Win With Data

The Cloud Economy: Why Smart Companies #WinWithData

24 October 2017 Sales Intelligence, Sales Metrics

Smart Companies #WinWithData Today, the IDC releases an update to their 2016 Study on the Salesforce Economy projecting how Salesforce, its customers and partners will impact the global economy by 2022. Why Smart Companies #WinWithData? In this new age of the customer, smart companies are investing heavily in cloud solutions to improve and optimize the customer […]

Fireside Chat with Serial Entrepreneur & Author Bobby Martin

28 June 2017 Product, Sales Intelligence, Sales Productivity, Sales Prospecting, Sales Strategy

In today’s new normal, where should sales reps be focusing their time?  ZynBit’s CEO, Phil Dixon had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Serial Entrepreneur and Author, Bobby Martin to discuss the state of sales and what sales should be doing to work smarker in this “new normal”. A little Bit About Bobby and […]

What is Customer IQ?

29 April 2015 Sales Intelligence, Sales Metrics

While every business is different, it seems like every business, whether large or small, has the same problem: How to attract and retain customers. You may call your customers – clients, patients, recruits, or students… Every day, businesses ask themselves questions like: How do we get more customers? Where are our target customers? Who are […]