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AI for sales forecasting

Sales Forecasting Using AI: The Future is Here

9 January 2020 Sales Intelligence

4 ways AI-powered sales forecasting can help you can make smarter business decisions When it’s time to make critical business decisions that will determine the long-term success of your organization, would you rather rely on guesswork, or hard data? More often than not, the determining factor between an organization’s failure or success is their ability […]


Sales Data: 7 Ways to Use Them for Closing More Deals

18 December 2019 Sales Intelligence

7 Different types of data being tracked by sales teams and how to use them for closing more deals The “soft” skills of the profession are what most people think of when they picture a salesperson. Salespeople are typically viewed as people-oriented, engaging, and charismatic. They must be able to think quickly on their feet, […]


Predictive Sales Analytics: Everything You Need to Know in 2020

12 December 2019 Sales Intelligence

How to use sales analytics to improve your decision-making and expand your capacity to close more deals A rapidly growing number of organizations are utilizing advances in data analytics to spot patterns and trends, maximize efficiency, and make more intelligent business decisions. These organizations that rely on data and analytics outperform the competition in all […]

The Future Of Sales: Is it Artificial Intelligence?

5 December 2019 Sales Intelligence

How AI will impact the future of B2B sales profession, and what salespeople can do to become irreplaceable A few decades ago, automobile factory workers believed that there was no way a robot would ever be capable of doing their job. With all of the complex systems, electrical wiring, and thousands of small parts inside […]


Sales Automation Tools: 10 Tools To Boost Your Business’ Sale Quota

22 November 2019 Sales Intelligence, Sales Productivity

Sales Automation Tools: The Future Of Business Automation Sales is an extremely demanding and ever-changing industry. If you want to stay competitive, you need to adopt the latest trends and technologies; otherwise, your competitors will leave you in the dust! One of the most revolutionary technologies being used in sales today is automation. If you […]

Is your sales data ready for Salesforce Einstein?

31 October 2019 Sales Intelligence

Einstein can do amazing things, but only if the data it’s analyzing is accurate and reliable. According to Salesforce: “Data quality is important to CRM even without AI because quality data helps reps increase efficiency, build trust with customers, and use Salesforce effectively. When you add AI to the mix, data quality becomes even more […]

email artificial intelligence

4 Ways Sales Professionals Can Harness the Power of Email Artificial Intelligence

12 September 2019 Sales Intelligence, Sales Prospecting

Despite the growing number of competing marketing and sales channels, email is still considered an essential tool for reaching out to potential customers, generating leads, and closing deals. Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census, ranked email marketing as the #1 best channel in terms of ROI. According to HubSpot, 79% of B2B marketers credit email as […]


Get More Leads With These Sales Intelligence Tools

27 August 2019 Sales Intelligence

The way we conduct business today is vastly different from how we did it even just a few years ago. Yesterday’s top-selling tactics like door-to-door or telemarketing are pretty much outdated now. And this is all thanks to developments in technology, especially automation. Sales professionals in the 21st century need to rely on many different […]

ZynCal for Salesforce, GCal, Outlook and 365

ZynBit for Salesforce Introduces Sales Process Analytics with ZynCal

5 December 2017 Sales Intelligence, Salesforce

November 30th, 2017 ZynBit introduces a new way to analyze sales cycles and create workflow efficiency.  By mapping the customer journey to meetings and opportunities, sales executives can more accurately predict revenue based on deal progress.  With ZynCal, sales reps can fill their calendars with qualified customer meetings while sales managers gain real time insight […]

Win With Data

The Cloud Economy: Why Smart Companies #WinWithData

24 October 2017 Sales Intelligence, Sales Metrics

Today, the IDC releases an update to their 2016 Study on the Salesforce Economy projecting how Salesforce, its customers and partners will impact the global economy by 2022. Why Smart Companies #WinWithData? In this new age of the customer, smart companies are investing heavily in cloud solutions to improve and optimize the customer experience. Here are […]