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8 Essential Attributes of High Performing Sales Leaders

16 November 2018 Sales Leaders

Sales leaders today have access to more data than ever before and as new technologies like AI and machine guided sales tools emerge, consumable data for Sales Leaders will grow exponentially. According to the Salesforce blog Quotable– “Business-to-business sales is, was, and always will be a numbers game. From the paper-based forecast forms and quarterly […]

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4 Smart Sales Management Reasons To Using Sales Activity Data

9 November 2018 Sales Leaders

According to this article from Sirius Decisions, Sales force automation systems are starting to work for Sales professionals. In this article, it references that “Nobody likes administrative work, especially if they need to enter the same data in multiple places, if nobody looks at the data, or – worst of all – if the data […]

Deal Strategy Webinar Series for High Performing Sales Professionals

31 July 2018 Webinar, Sales Leaders

How To Identify Your Position In Every Deal  Thursday, August 9th at 1 pm ET The question that is most often asked by sales leaders, “Where are we with this deal?” It is important that this question be answered with confidence and to achieve that confidence your response should be focused on three things; The location in […]

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The Jazz of Sales – Enterprise Sales Deal Strategy with 3 Primary Variables

10 July 2018 Events, Sales Leaders

Deal Strategy | 3 Primary Variables Thursday, July 12th- 1 pm ET Reducing the risk of a deal with increased forecast accuracy. Enterprise Sales is sometimes called the Complex Sale.  At a basic level, our friends at Sales Hacker define a complex sale as: Interchangeably used with Enterprise Sales, a complex sale is typically a long sales cycle […]

4 Ways To Keep Sales Activity Data Current In Salesforce

21 June 2018 Salesforce, Sales, Sales Leaders

4 Ways To Keep Sales Activity Data Current In Salesforce As Sales Leaders, we need reliable data from our Salesforce CRM to help us make good business decisions yet many of us struggle to have our Sales team keep their activity current. We understand how inefficient the update process can be at times and we want […]

Salesforce Users How’s This for Your Cyber Monday?

28 November 2016 Sales Leaders

Are you familiar with the Salesforce Dreamin events? If you are not, you should be! They are awesome events put on my the Salesforce community for the Salesforce community unlike the world tour or grandiose Dreamforce events! They are awesome events put on by the Salesforce Community for the Salesforce Community, unlike the World Tour […]