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The Secret to Better Sales Data Analysis? Eliminate Manual Data Entry

26 September 2019 Sales Metrics

A rapidly growing number of organizations are utilizing advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation technology to maximize efficiency, spot patterns and trends, and make more intelligent decisions on a daily basis. In fact, many of the high-growth, “disruptive” technology companies, such as Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix have used data analysis as the basis […]

9 Ways Sales Data Analysis Can Help You Generate More Revenue

5 September 2019 Sales Metrics

Sales data analysis is a vital way for organizations to maximize their sales capacity, and meet customer needs, in an increasingly competitive world. Long gone are the days when organizations could succeed by relying on guesswork and intuition to manage sales. The tools for gaining meaningful insights from large amounts of data are now affordable […]

How to Maximize Your Meetings Scheduled KPI with Automated Scheduling

27 June 2019 Sales Metrics, Sales Productivity

“Meetings Scheduled” is one of the most commonly-used sales KPIs, second only to “Calls.” Unfortunately, there are 2 factors hindering sales organizations’ performance on this KPI.

Why Sales Data Analysis Fails (And How to Easily Fix It)

18 June 2019 Sales Metrics

When it comes to sales, our minds don’t usually jump to concepts like data sets, data collection, logical evaluation, or sales data analysis. When most people think of sales, they picture an upbeat, maverick sales rep who woos customers on the golf course through sheer wit, charm, and natural instinct. In reality, this fast and […]

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4 Smart Sales Management Reasons To Using Sales Activity Data

9 November 2018 Sales Metrics, Sales Strategy

According to this article from Sirius Decisions, Sales force automation systems are starting to work for Sales professionals. In this article, it references that “Nobody likes administrative work, especially if they need to enter the same data in multiple places, if nobody looks at the data, or – worst of all – if the data […]


4 Ways To Keep Sales Activity Data Current In Salesforce

21 June 2018 Sales Metrics, Sales Productivity, Sales Strategy, Salesforce

As Sales Leaders, we need reliable data from our Salesforce CRM to help us make good business decisions yet many of us struggle to have our Sales team keep their activity current. We understand how inefficient the update process can be at times and we want our Salespeople focused on direct sales activity over administrative tasks […]

Win With Data

The Cloud Economy: Why Smart Companies #WinWithData

24 October 2017 Sales Intelligence, Sales Metrics

Today, the IDC releases an update to their 2016 Study on the Salesforce Economy projecting how Salesforce, its customers and partners will impact the global economy by 2022. Why Smart Companies #WinWithData? In this new age of the customer, smart companies are investing heavily in cloud solutions to improve and optimize the customer experience. Here are […]

Our Interview with Microsoft’s Power BI Embedded

23 January 2017 Product, Sales Metrics

ZynBit’s CEO, Phil Dixon had the recent opportunity to interview with Enrique  Plaza Garcia, Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Power BI Embedded, to share how ZynBit is incorporating Power BI Embedded into our offering to drive value to our customers.  You can read the full interview on Microsoft’s Power BI Developers blog here. Here are some […]

What is Customer IQ?

29 April 2015 Sales Intelligence, Sales Metrics

While every business is different, it seems like every business, whether large or small, has the same problem: How to attract and retain customers. You may call your customers – clients, patients, recruits, or students… Every day, businesses ask themselves questions like: How do we get more customers? Where are our target customers? Who are […]