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Evolving Email Templates: ZynBit Debuts New & Improved Features

16 July 2020 Sales Prospecting

At ZynBit, our focus is on helping you get more from Salesforce and enabling you to close deals faster. That’s why we continue to enhance the functionality we already have, as it integrates with all of the other software programs you use on a day-to-day basis. To this end, we’ve added a suite of new […]


The 12 Best Sales Prospecting Techniques For B2B

14 November 2019 Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting Techniques To Double Your Qualified Leads in B2B The thought of sales prospecting inspires mixed feelings among sales professionals. On the one hand, prospecting is the lifeblood of the sales industry. The more you prospect, the more customers you have. And the more customers you have, the more profit you can earn. But […]

email artificial intelligence

4 Ways Sales Professionals Can Harness the Power of Email Artificial Intelligence

12 September 2019 Sales Intelligence, Sales Prospecting

Despite the growing number of competing marketing and sales channels, email is still considered an essential tool for reaching out to potential customers, generating leads, and closing deals. Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census, ranked email marketing as the #1 best channel in terms of ROI. According to HubSpot, 79% of B2B marketers credit email as […]

6 Best Sales Prospecting Tools To Find & Close More Deals

30 July 2019 Sales Productivity, Sales Prospecting

We all understand why sales prospecting is important—it helps you scout for new leads and builds a healthy pipeline. Customers are the lifeblood of your business. But that doesn’t stop a whopping 42% of sales reps from struggling with prospecting.  One of the biggest issues that sales professionals face is that prospecting is much harder […]

Enterprise Deal Strategy

The Jazz of Sales – Enterprise Sales Deal Strategy with 3 Primary Variables

10 July 2018 Sales Prospecting, Sales Strategy

Deal Strategy | 3 Primary Variables Thursday, July 12th- 1 pm ET Reducing the risk of a deal with increased forecast accuracy. Enterprise Sales is sometimes called the Complex Sale.  At a basic level, our friends at Sales Hacker define a complex sale as: Interchangeably used with Enterprise Sales, a complex sale is typically a long sales cycle […]

Email Templates in Outlook

4 Steps to Work Smarter with Easy Email Templates in Outlook 

22 February 2018 Sales Prospecting

Did you know that 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process and only 24% of sales emails are opened?  (Source: Email remains the most common method used for communicating throughout the entire sales process; prospecting, follow-up, scheduling meetings and demos, pricing, and signed paperwork. With all of this communication […]

Top 5 Sales Training & Demo Tools

19 October 2017 Sales Productivity, Sales Prospecting

The top 5 sales training and demo tools by ZynBit’s Derek Wyszynski that all sales teams should consider to help elevate your demo and brand story. Working in today’s buyer world, sales professionals in 2018 are looking to find ways to incorporate marketing and story into their process. Sales reps can utilize tools such as these […]

We Were Wrong- Everyone is NOT in Sales

19 September 2017 Sales Prospecting, Sales Strategy

We’ve all heard the saying that “Everyone is in Sales.” It’s the message that everyone in the whatever org or company we work in – from sales to service to fulfillment to administration – should treat every interaction with a customer as a “selling moment.” It’s supposed to be inspirational – and it is for salespeople! Because we think that we […]

Customer Experience is Sales 3.0

Sales Hacker’s Guide To The Galaxy Vol. 6: Customer Experience is Sales 3.0

23 August 2017 Sales Prospecting, Salesforce

Customer Experience is Sales 3.0  What is Customer Experience? Customer experience is defined as the sum total of conscious events, as as a coordinated series of interactions between a customer and a brand to accomplish anything. Above all words – a customer experience is defined by the customer, for the customer, at each touch-point, each […]

Sales Hackers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. 5: Salesperson Converted to Smarketer

5 July 2017 Sales Prospecting, Sales Strategy

Smarketer- A subject matter expert that knows how to connect with customers in the new normal. There is the old way that people buy which harped on the relationship sales, then there is the new way where buyers see salespeople as adding friction to the buying process. According to the hubspot blog, “the historic buyer’s journey […]