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Why You Can’t Earn Your Customer’s Trust

14 March 2017 Sales Strategy

Sometime ago, I asked a rather large client for a referral. They gave to it me. Upon thanking them, my main contact there – the one who I originally pitched to – said “Don’t mention it, I trust you guys would do a great job for them.” Feeling strong, I puffed out my chest and […]

Stop Giving Millennials “Sales Advice”

9 January 2017 Sales Strategy

Years ago, I was lost driving in Los Angeles California. That’s not that hard to do – the first time I ever landed at LAX I thought to myself “How am I ever going to find my way around this place? I see no man made or geographic markers! Where does LA end and other cities/towns begin?  How will […]

[Webinar] Account Based Selling Strategies in 2017

6 December 2016 Sales Prospecting, Sales Strategy

What’s your top sales and marketing initiative for 2017?  Better lead gen? Deeper CRM adoption? Going from polyester to a knit blend for your corporate logo’d polo shirts? Yep, everyone has their own initiatives. Salesforce Performance International cites Account Based Selling as the top initiative for B2B Sales Leaders in 2017. If you’re asking “what’s Account Based Selling?” then […]

To Free or not to Free?

7 November 2016 Sales Strategy

It’s not really a question…  YOU HAVE TO GIVE SOMETHING AWAY FOR FREE.  Whether it’s industry knowledge, a test drive, trial or gift cards – consumers and businesses have more readily available options and generally the Whether it’s industry knowledge, a test drive, trial or gift cards – consumers and businesses have more readily available […]

The Spooky Truth About Web Conferencing

31 October 2016 Sales Productivity, Sales Strategy

If you don’t use a web conference utility daily, go back to work – this post isn’t for you. This little piece of technology has drastically changed our jobs as salespeople and how poorly we’ve adopted it as a presentation / pitch tool. Yes, I said “how poorly.” Only because “how horribly horrid” would have […]

Stop Motivating Your Sales Team

18 October 2016 Sales Strategy

As sales leaders, we’re often tasked with “motivating” our sales teams. We create contests and special clubs to reward the top performers. We create stack rankings to guilt the low performers. We create Performance Plans to help either increase performance or move people out the door. We invest in the “new sales paradigm” sales training […]

Free Trials Do Work!

26 September 2016 Sales Strategy

So there’s lots of buzz out there from “sales experts” about how free trials in software aren’t working. (What does work, they say, is their new book or sales training – but that’s a post for another day) The basic premise is that customers won’t buy the cow when you give them the milk for […]