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Salesforce’s Lightning For Outlook Review – Is It Worth It? – ZynBit

2 October 2020 Salesforce

If you work in sales, are keen to get an edge, and improve how you operate, there’s a very good chance you’ve looked into software that can best support your work. And if you’ve already done that then no doubt you’re already using Salesforce, whose extensive set of tools make them one of the biggest […]


How to Sync Outlook Calendar With Salesforce (Step-by-step)

4 September 2020 Salesforce

Syncing Salesforce With Your Outlook Calendar  As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, the two respective CRM and email giants make a dynamic partnership – when configured correctly.  But what about Outlook Calendar and Salesforce?  Yup, they count as a separate pairing. And as you’d expect there are numerous ways of getting the most of the […]

salesforce for outlook retirement

Salesforce For Outlook Retirement: So What’s Next?

11 August 2020 Salesforce

All good things must come to an end. When Microsoft discontinues its extended support services for Internet Explorer 11 in December 2020, Salesforce For Outlook will be formally retired too. While this development has been on deck for some time – since the end of 2019, when Salesforce reduced support for the tool to maintenance-only […]


Best Salesforce Apps On The Market: Our Top 7

22 October 2019 Sales Productivity, Salesforce

If you’re a sales professional in 2019, you or your team are most likely using Salesforce. But even with all its capabilities, there are many things that it can’t do out of the box. This is where Salesforce apps—third-party-developed extensions that add functionality—come in. These apps are designed to maximize your productivity, connect your different […]

Lightning for Outlook vs. Salesforce for Outlook: Which is Better?

25 June 2019 Salesforce

There are a few basic questions sales teams have when attempting to integrate Outlook with Salesforce: Should I be using “Lighting for Outlook” or “Salesforce for Outlook”? I’m using Salesforce for Outlook. Should I upgrade? What is the “Salesforce Outlook Integration”? Is this a new tool? Are there any third-party tools that are better? What’s […]

Wealth Management

4 Ways Successful Private Wealth Management Firms Excel At Client Experience

30 October 2018 Financial Services, Salesforce

The rise of technology to the client and the organization is causing a disruption in the marketplace. Wealth Management Firms can no longer look the other way at new technology that will impact their clients, their advisors, their business, and their bottom line. With the economy experiencing long-term cycles caused in part by changing demographics, […]


4 Ways To Keep Sales Activity Data Current In Salesforce

21 June 2018 Sales Metrics, Sales Productivity, Sales Strategy, Salesforce

As Sales Leaders, we need reliable data from our Salesforce CRM to help us make good business decisions yet many of us struggle to have our Sales team keep their activity current. We understand how inefficient the update process can be at times and we want our Salespeople focused on direct sales activity over administrative tasks […]

5 Steps To Salesforce Adoption

5 Steps Admins Can Take To Improve Salesforce Adoption From Sales Users

9 May 2018 CRM Admininstration, Salesforce

Given the nature of the position and the pressure to hit challenging targets, often sales users are the lower adopters of Salesforce in most organizations. According to this Salesforce blog, “CRM systems are too often conceived and implemented with little or no consideration given to how sales reps will use them, much less how they […]

Salesforce Lightning Preparation

4 Steps to Prepare To Your Salesforce Lightning Migration in 2018

12 April 2018 CRM Admininstration, Salesforce

According to Salesforce, migrating to the lightning experience has boosted users productivity by nearly 40%. With Salesforce adoption still being a major priority for Salesforce administrators, putting a focus on the user experience can make all of the difference. It is important to take the first step of determining as an organization what your goals […]

Southeast Dreamin Salesforce Event

A Recap of Southeast Dreamin 2018

27 March 2018 Salesforce

A fun Recap of Southeast Dreamin 2018, Salesforce community-led event. We had an #awesomeadmin time at Southeast Dreamin 2018! At this year’s event, we offer the first ever attendee scavenger hunt! To learn more about the scavenger hunt- read this post! We had over 100 attendees participate in the scavenger hunt with 679 task completed! […]