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Fireside Chat with Serial Entrepreneur & Author Bobby Martin

28 June 2017 Amy Green Product, Sales Intelligence, Sales Productivity, Sales Prospecting, Sales Strategy

In today’s new normal, where should sales reps be focusing their time?

ZynBit’s CEO, Phil Dixon had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Serial Entrepreneur and Author, Bobby Martin to discuss the state of sales and what sales should be doing to work smarker in this “new normal”.

A little Bit About Bobby and Our Recent Visit- 

You can read all about Bobby’s experience here, we would like to share with you what we learned about Bobby during our recent visit. We had the opportunity to meet in person with the Raleigh, NC native in his newly renovated Vertical IQ office. Vertical IQ is Bobby’s most recent venture which helps the banking industry win new business and improve retention with sales insights. He was excited to show us around as we walked past road bikes, open concept offices, and we were even greeted by a few of the office pups! The office as a modern, hip, but laid back feel, which makes sense because that is exactly the type of guy Bobby is.

We could have sat down in his office (which Bobby shares that he never uses- as he claims to do his “best work” in coffee shops or quaint dive spots around town) or we could have ventured over to the conference room, but instead Bobby says to us, “Let’s walk across the street to the local pub and grab a drink while we chat.”  We walk over to a small pub with outdoor seating with a view of recently built swanky condos across the street and we start to discuss topics and the state things for sales and software companies. Bobby has lived the trials and tribulations of a growing software company and he has a true passion for sales. Martin has broken down his experiance and what he has learned into concrete concepts and ideas, which he has brought to life to share with many other organizations in his latest book, The Hockey Stick Principles, The 4 Key Stages to Entrepreneurial Success.

After meeting Bobby for the first time, it was evident that Bobby loves to think outside of the box and he has a unique philosophy on sales. Check out the first fireside chat with Bobby as he discusses the topic of the modern day of sales.

If you are a small, large or growing company you should also check out Bobby’s blog, The Blade, and his great 1-Minute Rants!


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