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Introducing ZynCal: A New Way To Connect With Customers

7 July 2017 Amy Green Product, Sales Productivity, Salesforce

A Scheduling Assistant for Your Inbox

According to The Business Insider, On average, 11 million meetings are held in US workplaces each day — and employees on average attend 62 meetings each month. According to on average 4.8 hours per week is spent scheduling meetings.  To top that off, According to Hubspot, “sales reps spend an average of 5.5 hours a week just entering contacts and activities into CRM. More important than the time spent actually entering all of that data is the break in concentration that occurs each time a sales rep has to stop selling in order to record CRM data.”

The old way of scheduling meetings is like herding cats; it’s painful for you and your customer to bounce emails back and forth to schedule time to connect.  There is a better way!

We’re proud to introduce ZynCal!  The new way to schedule meetings and connect with your customers with ease.  With ZynCal, you can easily share your personalized booking page with real-time availability, pre-set meeting types, and pre-meeting questions.

Join us for the ZynCal webinar on 7/26 so you can easily book and connect with your customers in a whole new way!  It’s time everyone to have a personal assistant for their inbox!

Webinar: July 26th, 2:00 PM ET
ZynCal: A Scheduling Assistant for Your Inbox

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