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10 Sales Prospecting Techniques To Crush Your Quota

9 July 2019 Sales Productivity

Sales prospecting techniques that actually help bring in more clients. Most sales reps spend too much time researching and doing administrative tasks instead of actually selling their products. Here’s how you can maximize your time and prospect more efficiently.
sales-prospecting- techniques--sales-prospecting-on-phone

Best Gmail Extensions: The 8 Best Extensions For Sales Professionals

2 July 2019 Sales Productivity

Gmail is a great sales tool on its own. But with extensions, it could be even more powerful. Here are the best Gmail extensions for sales and marketing professionals.

How to Maximize Your Meetings Scheduled KPI with Automated Scheduling

27 June 2019 Sales Metrics, Sales Productivity

Find out how to automate the scheduling process + automatically sync calendar data to Salesforce.

Lightning for Outlook vs. Salesforce for Outlook: Which is Better? (2019 Honest Review)

25 June 2019 Salesforce

The best way to integrate Outlook with Salesforce: Lightning for Outlook, Salesforce for Outlook, or a third-party tool?

Why Sales Data Analysis Fails (And How to Easily Fix It)

18 June 2019 Sales Metrics

The importance of sales data analysis for driving revenue growth can’t be understated. Unfortunately, many companies make critical, yet easily-preventable mistakes. Here’s how to easily fix them.

8 Essential Attributes of High Performing Sales Leaders

16 November 2018 Sales Strategy

Sales leaders today have access to more data than ever before and as new technologies like AI and machine guided sales tools emerge, consumable data for Sales Leaders will grow exponentially.
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4 Smart Sales Management Reasons To Using Sales Activity Data

9 November 2018 Sales Metrics, Sales Strategy

These improved systems are capturing information automatically so that reps spend less time doing data entry, and they’re analyzing the data they capture to help reps target the best prospects and accounts, offload tasks such as calendaring, and guide reps using insights from the SFA data.
Wealth Management

4 Ways Successful Private Wealth Management Firms Excel At Client Experience

30 October 2018 Financial Services, Salesforce

The rise of technology to the client and the organization is causing a disruption in the marketplace. Wealth Management Firms can no longer look the other way at new technology that will impact their clients, their advisors, their business, and their bottom line.

Introducing Multiple Calendar Views

24 October 2018 Product

A Personalized Calendar Experience For Even The Most Complicated Schedules. ZynBit's calendar scheduling functionality is build to provide a better way to book more meetings, tracking your meeting activity and provide a better customer experience.

Deal Strategy Webinar Series for High Performing Sales Professionals

31 July 2018 Sales Strategy

How To Identify Your Position In Every Deal  Thursday, August 9th at 1 pm ET The question that is most often asked by sales leaders, "Where are we with this deal?" It is important that this question be answered with confidence and to achieve that confidence your response should be focused on...