Sales Hackers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. 5: Salesperson Converted to Smarketer

Smarketer- A subject matter expert that knows how to connect with customers in the new normal. There is the old way that people buy which harped on the relationship sales, then there is the new way where buyers see salespeople as adding friction to the buying process. According to the hubspot blog, “the historic buyer’s journey […]

5 July 2017 Sales, Webinar

7 Free Prospecting Tools You Can Use Today

Prospecting in the “New Normal” is harder than it ever was! Derek Wyszynski can tell you! The Brutal truth is that buyers would prefer to not talk to you! It’s sad, we know, but it’s true. As a sales professional, it’s still your job to sell and make your number, but how do you do it […]

28 June 2017 Sales

Fireside Chat with Serial Entrepreneur & Author Bobby Martin

In today’s new normal, where should sales reps be focusing their time?  ZynBit’s CEO, Phil Dixon had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Serial Entrepreneur and Author, Bobby Martin to discuss the state of sales and what sales should be doing to work smarker in this “new normal”. A little Bit About Bobby and […]

28 June 2017 Sales, Startup

6 Things Every Prospecting Email Should Have & 1 Thing They Never Should

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar: Prospecting 2017: the New Normal. If you missed it we recorded the webinar for your OnDemand viewing pleasure. The feedback was extremely positive (Thanks Mom!), as most attendees enjoyed “real world” examples of email prospecting and social selling that were discussed and presented.  So often, these webinars remind me of […]

11 May 2017 Sales

Turning Your Social Media Profile Into An Opportunity Engine

  Sales Hacker’s Guide To the Galaxy: Turning Your Social Media Profile Into An Opportunity Engine Hey I’m so glad your LinkedIn talks about your President Club wins! – said no prospect ever! In Sales today, it’s all about the customer and the journey the buyer takes to buy your stuff and things. Then why […]

24 April 2017 Sales