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6 Things Every Prospecting Email Should Have & 1 Thing They Never Should

11 May 2017 Sales

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar: Prospecting 2017: the New Normal. If you missed it we recorded the webinar for your OnDemand viewing pleasure. The feedback was extremely positive (Thanks Mom!), as most attendees enjoyed “real world” examples of email prospecting and social selling that were discussed and presented.  So often, these webinars remind me of […]

Turning Your Social Media Profile Into An Opportunity Engine

24 April 2017 Sales

  Sales Hacker’s Guide To the Galaxy: Turning Your Social Media Profile Into An Opportunity Engine Hey I’m so glad your LinkedIn talks about your President Club wins! – said no prospect ever! In Sales today, it’s all about the customer and the journey the buyer takes to buy your stuff and things. Then why […]

Spring Cleaning with CRM Fusion Makes ZynBit’s Salesforce Data Sparkle!

7 April 2017 Salesforce, CRM, CRM Admin

CRMFusion is the maker of DemandTools and Job Builder in addition to other great software utilities. Zynbit uses DemandTools primarily as a de-duplication tool and we think it is the best thing since the invention of the wheel.  We use this utility and found it amazingly intuitive and functional out-of-the-box.  We had a session with […]

Why You Can’t Earn Your Customer’s Trust

14 March 2017 Sales

Sometime ago, I asked a rather large client for a referral. They gave to it me. Upon thanking them, my main contact there – the one who I originally pitched to – said “Don’t mention it, I trust you guys would do a great job for them.” Feeling strong, I puffed out my chest and […]

Prospecting 2017: The New Normal [Live Webinar]

6 March 2017 Sales

At ZynBit we’re all about “sales” and there’s nothing hotter right now than the debate that is raging regarding sales prospecting. Whether you pound the phones successfully or are a master social seller, my 20+ years in B2B sales has taught me one thing: People dislike getting “cold called” or “cold emailed.”  Yes and puppies […]


1 March 2017 Product

Get a Sneak Peek at ZynBit’s Inbox Sidebar for OWA & Outlook for MAC ZynBit for OWA & MAC Preview: In this webinar, we will cover how ZynBit works with the Outlook Web App & Outlook for Mac. March 8th at 2pm ET & March 9th at 11am ET Register Now  ZynBit is excited to release the ability […]

A Tale of Four Emails

31 January 2017 CRM, Customer Success

In the olden days, if someone didn’t pick up the phone when you called them, you knew it. Obviously! But how do you know if your emails are being read? According to HubSpot, only 24% of sales emails are opened and in the same report, more than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most […]

Our Interview with Microsoft’s Power BI Embedded

23 January 2017 Analytics, Business Intelligence, Customer IQ, Press

ZynBit’s CEO, Phil Dixon had the recent opportunity to interview with Enrique  Plaza Garcia, Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Power BI Embedded, to share how ZynBit is incorporating Power BI Embedded into our offering to drive value to our customers.  You can read the full interview on Microsoft’s Power BI Developers blog here. Here are some […]

Stop Giving Millennials “Sales Advice”

9 January 2017 Sales

Years ago, I was lost driving in Los Angeles California. That’s not that hard to do – the first time I ever landed at LAX I thought to myself “How am I ever going to find my way around this place? I see no man made or geographic markers! Where does LA end and other cities/towns begin?  How will […]

New Year- New ZynBit for Outlook Desktop!

3 January 2017 Salesforce, Product

Our December 2016 release for Outlook was packed full of some great enhancements that Outlook users and Salesforce users will not want to miss. Here are some highlights of some of the changes we made based on user feedback! December 2016 Release Highlights: ZynBit seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and when we say seamless, it’s really […]