A Tale of Four Emails

In the olden days, if someone didn’t pick up the phone when you called them, you knew it. Obviously! But how do you know if your emails are being read? According to HubSpot, only 24% of sales emails are opened and in the same report, more than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most […]

31 January 2017 CRM, Customer Success

How to Reduce Rep Time for Email Tracking, Content Management, and Data Entry [A Case Study]

ZynBit recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the Director of IT, Scott Blahosky with Wenger Corporation about the challenges they face with their service and sales professionals for tracking customer interactions. Let’s explore some highlights from that discussion. But first a little bit about Wenger… Wenger products can be found just […]

13 October 2016 Salesforce, CRM, Customer Success