Email Templates in Outlook

4 Steps to Work Smarter with Easy Email Templates in Outlook 

22 February 2018 Tips and Tricks, Sales

4 Steps to Work Smarter with Easy Email Templates in Outlook Did you know that 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process and only 24% of sales emails are opened?  (Source: Email remains the most common method used for communicating throughout the entire sales process; prospecting, follow-up, scheduling meetings […]

Top 5 Sales Training & Demo Tools

19 October 2017 Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Sales Training & Demo Tools The top 5 sales training and demo tools by ZynBit’s Derek Wyszynski that all sales teams should consider to help elevate your demo and brand story. Working in today’s buyer world, sales professionals in 2018 are looking to find ways to incorporate marketing and story into their process. Sales […]

New To Salesforce Trailheads? Here are 7 Helpful Tips!

16 November 2016 Tips and Tricks

Here at ZynBit we are Salesforce users too! In fact, many of us are #AwesomeAdmins and are responsible for managing certain business objectives within our Salesforce Org. We are also an AppExchange partner, which means that all of our customers use Salesforce too, so it goes without saying that we take learning, applying and using […]

10 Travel Tips for Your Road To Dreamforce

3 October 2016 Tips and Tricks

It’s 5AM, You’ve been up since 3AM to shower and make your 6AM Flight! You are TSA Pre-Check so that means you can breeze through security lines to get to Starbucks with little or no wait for your soy latté- right!!! WRONG!! Reality is you woke up at 3AM, scrambled to get to the airport […]