Introducing ZynCal: A New Way To Connect With Customers

A Scheduling Assistant for Your Inbox According to The Business Insider, On average, 11 million meetings are held in US workplaces each day — and employees on average attend 62 meetings each month. According to on average 4.8 hours per week is spent scheduling meetings.  To top that off, According to Hubspot, “sales reps spend an average of 5.5 hours […]

7 July 2017 Salesforce, Product, Webinar

Sales Hackers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. 5: Salesperson Converted to Smarketer

Smarketer- A subject matter expert that knows how to connect with customers in the new normal. There is the old way that people buy which harped on the relationship sales, then there is the new way where buyers see salespeople as adding friction to the buying process. According to the hubspot blog, “the historic buyer’s journey […]

5 July 2017 Sales, Webinar

[Webinar] Account Based Selling Strategies in 2017

What’s your top sales and marketing initiative for 2017?  Better lead gen? Deeper CRM adoption? Going from polyester to a knit blend for your corporate logo’d polo shirts? Yep, everyone has their own initiatives. Salesforce Performance International cites Account Based Selling as the top initiative for B2B Sales Leaders in 2017. If you’re asking “what’s Account Based Selling?” then […]

6 December 2016 Sales, Webinar