CRM Adoption

ZynBit Customers have seen a 300% increase in Salesforce adoption!

Data Quality

With ZynBit Sales Operations and CRM admins will see a marked increase in Data quality. ZynSync collects contacts and synchronizes calendars, tasks, emails, and contacts so you don’t have to rely on people for the data entry.


ZynBit only connects to Salesforce with Oauth – connecting your email apps directly to Salesforce with the most secure authentication.


ZynBit supports enterprise mass deployment with support for Citrix, Remote Desktop, VMware, and Google Apps for Work.


ZynBit automates… our goal is to free your people from the chains of data entry. They hate it and you hate they don’t do it! ZynBit, breaker of chains!


People live in their inbox and ZynBox must work painlessly with Outlook and Gmail. Our goal is to speed you up, not slow you down. Other email plug-ins can have your inbox crawling like their stuck in quick sand.

Service & Support

On Demand! Your email is the most critical application in your company! We extend our email and online chat channels into the product experience so that any user can receive support. If you’re having an issue we want to know about it and solve it in next to real time!