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Driving Salesforce Adoption from the Inbox

Effective sales professionals instinctively want to be on top and enabling sales with the right tools helps them to focus on what is important in their sales process, whatever methodology they follow.

Crm From The Inbox

Allied Building Products is a building materials distributor in the residential and commercial building industry with locations nationwide. Today Allied operates over 200 locations, maintains a fleet of over 2,785 vehicles and employs over 3,100 people. Allied supports a sales organization of 80 sales professionals today.

Unlike many organizations migrating from a legacy CRM to more modern technology, Allied was just entering the world of CRM. Adoption was a major measurement of success or failure and it was a new way of doing things for Allied, which has been in business since 1950.

The CRM team sits in the middle of the sales team and the customer and it’s a critical role. Sales management and leadership often sit on one side as stakeholders and the sales reps and the service reps sit on the other. The CRM team has to sit in the middle to put together a solution and business process that is going to work for both sides.

The Right CRM Tools Led To Increased Salesforce Adoption:

Allied has set achievable goals to be at 80% adoption of Salesforce by the end of 2016! The previous goal before implementing the right CRM tools was 40-60% adoption. So having Zynbit allowed Allied to set the bar high and raise the adoption rate of 20%!

In Allied’s End User first approach, they discovered that there was a looming need to keep adoption at the forefront on their CRM implementation and that need was being able to interact with the CRM directly from the user's email inbox. Having to exit the email application where users lived day in and day out to update CRM records was not productive for their users.

Enters ZynBit!

ZynBit provides the ability for users to easily interact with Salesforce directly from their inbox. Furthermore, users are presented with helpful insight about their customers and how customers are engaging with email correspondence.