Better Client Data, Helps Barber Financial Provide A Better Client Experience

Barber Financial has a keen focus on creating the best client experience. The client operations model is built on client data at the fingertips of all team members. ZynBit ensures that client meeting data is captured and available.

A Better Client Experience

Client meeting data is the key data point that touches every piece of Barber's operation. Without proper scheduling of client meetings, tracking of meetings that have taken place, and reporting meeting types and data- the entire operational model breaks down.

Key Challenge Met With ZynBit- 

2400 Total Client Meetings/Year

1 meeting on average takes 5 touches to book. 

with ZynBit- the average touch to schedule a meeting is 1-2.

Client meetings require 3 major things to ensure an excellent client experience-

  1. Client Operations- Making sure client meetings are booked, schedules are aligned, and data can be reported to understand client meeting frequency and types of meetings with clients to make sure they can retain and build clients.
  2. Client Review Preparation requires hindsight meeting data to support alignment with client goals and previous correspondence.
  3. Advisors have more time to spend with clients, networking, and prospecting, with little to no administration overhead in their day.

Before ZynBit

  • Clients were not able to pick their own meeting times and the process required too much back and forth.
  • Capturing client interactions such as; email, phone calls, & meetings required manual intervention to and from Salesforce and Outlook.
  • An incomplete picture of client activity history in Salesforce weakened client reporting and imposes risks on the business.

After ZynBit

  • Clients now easily pick a meeting time with Advisors, which automatically captures the event in Outlook and in Salesforce with one simple process.
  • All client interactions such as email, phone calls, & events are synced to and from Salesforce and Outlook without manual intervention.
  • Barber now has a complete picture of client activity to mitigate regulatory compliance risks and deliver strong client activity reporting.

Benefits With Zynbit

A meeting booking process that removes friction in the scheduling process for an optimal client experience.
Syncing of Salesforce records is easier to manage and ZynBit eliminates unnecessary administration to maintain strong data integrity.
Advisors can spend their time focused on the client experience and getting referrals for new business.