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Add a Task or Event to Salesforce While in Email

Creating Tasks


To add a Task to Salesforce while in Email, select the record on the ZynBit task pane by using the appropriate green ACTIONS (A) Icon. (Remember that there is an ACTIONS icon for each area where relevant records exist in Salesforce.  Select the correct area related to the task.)

When the ACTIONS icon is selected, the following popup is displayed. Select Add Task to add a new task.

Your task fields will display as defined in Salesforce and you will be able to enter all required (outlined in red) and optional fields necessary and save the task.


At the bottom of the Outlook (Comm Add-in) task pane, there is a check box which will also create the Task in Outlook for additional convenience. By using the checkbox, the new  Outlook task will be synchronized with Salesforce. Now you will be able to edit or complete the task in Outlook and the associated record in Salesforce will automatically be updated for you. Note: This is a one-way sync. For two-way or bi-directional sync, please refer to the ZynSync instructions here:  ZynSync.


Creating Events while in Email

The same Actions menu can be used to create a meeting Event.  When the actions related to the meeting have been entered, the event can be saved in Salesforce using the Create icon  at the bottom.

If you are using the Outlook Desktop Comm add-in, clicking the Create in Outlook button at the bottom of the event will create a Sync’d Outlook event with the same properties as described above.

Creating events from the Calendar View

Calendar events can also be created in Salesforce from the Calendar view in Google or Outlook.    Launch your desktop Calendar and select the relevant event.  Select the correct Actions icon and click Add Event.   In the ZynBit task pane, invited parties are visible or you can search for additional locations to file the information in Salesforce.   ZynBit will pre-fill as many fields as possible.  Complete any remaining information then file the event.