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Configuration Settings File and Options for Outlook Desktop

There is a configuration settings file in ZynBit which controls the behavior of certain functions within ZynBit. This information is provided primarily for enterprise administrators, but may be useful for individual users in some situations. In order to change the settings, you must first close Outlook.  Then modify the settings and save the file.  When you restart outlook, you will be using the new settings.

Configurable items include the ability to include attachments by default or tack conversations. The settings file is named User Settings.config and is located in C:\usersusername\AppData\Roaming\ZynBit.

Parameter NameDefaultValueDisplay NameHelpText
TrackEmailsTRUETrack Emails by DefaultIf Email Tracking is allowed then enable it by default for all users.
TrackLinksTRUETrack Links by DefaultIf Email Tracking is enabled, link tracking is also enabled by default. This flag allows you to turn off link tracking by default, which is detected as spam by some email filters.
DisableEmailFilingFALSEEmail FilingAllows users to file emails to Salesforce.
DisableChatterPostsWhenCreatingObjectFALSESalesforce ChatterCreate Chatter posts when creating new Salesforce records through the ZynBit sidebar.
DisableEmailTrackingFALSEDisable Email TrackingThe track emails checkbox will be disabled, but a user will still be able to enable the track emails function.  See <TrackEmails> to completely disable this function.
AllowArchiveItemSelectionTRUEAttachment Filing without EmailAllow the user to file attachments independently from the email. When enabled, attachments can be filed without the corresponding email. When disabled, the email must also be filed to file the attachments.
AllowArchiveAttachmentSelectionTRUEAllow Attachment SelectionAllows users to decide if attachments should be filed. If enabled, users will be able to decide if attachments are filed or not. If disabled, users will not be able to change from the default setting in ‘Include Attachments by Default.’
ArchiveAttachmentsByDefaultFALSEInclude Attachments by DefaultAttachments will be automatically selected for inclusion when filing an email.
ConvertLeadsInSalesforceFALSEConvert Leads In SalesforceAllows you to convert a lead in Salesforce vs the automatic lead conversion workflow in ZynBit.  If using a custom lead conversion visual force page, it must be entered in the next line.
ConvertLeadPageUrllead/leadconvert.jspConvert Lead Page URLEnter the custom convert lead page URL. The default value for this is ‘lead/leadconvert.jsp’
SuppressSalesforceNotificationsFALSESalesforce NotificationsNotifications for Sync’d records are typically managed through Salesforce settings. In certain circumstances, this results in notifications when emails are filed. These notifications can be disabled here.
SearchNameFieldsOnlyFALSEFocus Salesforce SearchFocus Salesforce Search only on records’ primary fields.
ViewObjectsInSalesforceConsoleFALSESalesforce ConsoleLaunch Salesforce Console when viewing objects in Salesforce from the Action Menu.
UseSalesforceFilesForAttachmentsFALSEUse Salesforce FilesBy default, ZynBit files attachments to Salesforce Notes and Attachments list. This setting alters the behavior to use Salesforce Files.
AddInviteesToSalesforceEventTRUEEvent InviteesAdd invitees on the Outlook event to a synced Salesforce event when matching Contact/Lead is found.
AttachEmailRecordTypeEmail Record TypeEnter a non-default record type for the Task object to be used when filing emails.
ObjectSearchExceptionsSalesforce Search ExceptionsEnter a comma separated list of object API names that should not appear in search results. Ex: “Contact,Hobby__c”
CreateNewRestrictionsRestrict Create NewEnter a comma separated list of object display names that should appear in the Create New tab. If blank, all object types available will be shown. Ex: “Contact,Hobby”
DisableAutoFileTRUETrack ConversationsAllow users to track email conversations and file all future emails on a given thread. (Turning this off can maximize outlook performance and minimize Salesforce file usage.)
DisableAutomaticContactSyncFALSEAutomatic Contact SyncIf contacts are created with the “Add to Outlook” flag in the Outlook ZynBit task pane, they will remain synced between Salesforce and Outlook.
HideFolderTaskPaneByDefaultFALSEPin ZynBit Task PaneKeep the Zynbit task pane open while changing between emails in your inbox. Disable for performance improvements.
DisableTrackEmailsCheckboxFALSEEmail TrackingEmail Tracking allows you to see recipient activity for email opens in the ZynBit Customer Insights section of the task pane. Email Tracking will be available to all users and they will have the ability to enable or disable the feature.
DontShowConfigurationWindowAutomaticallyFALSEShow Login PromptWill prompt a user to login to ZynBit if they are logged out. Used by companies running VM’s or published desktops.
ShowArchivePromptFALSEShow Archive PromptWill always prompt the user to archive an email message on read or on send
StartupDelayInSeconds0Startup DelayWill delay the ZynBit startup.  Uses case are often where your IT infrastructure or Exchange/Outlook communications take longer than normal to connect.  The delay will allow more startup memory for Outlook.
IgnoreSecondaryEmailFieldsFALSEUse Secondary Email FieldsZynbit attempts to use all email fields in the contact record to identify contacts. Disable for performance improvements.
AddZynBitCategoryToAllItemsTRUEAdd ZynBit Category To Events, Tasks, and ContactsThe teal green Zynbit category is always added to filed emails. It can also be added to synced events, tasks, and contacts.
FileNewAttachmentsForSyncedEventsFALSEFile New Attachments For Synced EventsWhen new attachments are added to a synced event, file them to Salesforce.
SyncDeletedTasksAndEventsFALSESync Deleted Tasks And EventsIf a sync’d task or event is deleted in Outlook, delete it from Salesforce.
SyncDelegatedTasksAndEventsFALSESync Delegated Tasks And EventsBy default ZynBit monitors the current user’s calendar and task lists. Enable to extend sync capability to delegated calendars and task lists.
DontShowAutoUpdatePromptFALSEPrompt to Upgrade ZynBitUsers will be prompted to upgrade when there is a new ZynBit release.
TrackConversationsByDefaultFALSETrack Conversations By DefaultIf Track Conversations is allowed then enable it by default for all users.
HideCustomerInsightsSectionFALSECustomer InsightsShow Customer Insights for the Contacts on the current email.
LogCallObjectTypeLog Call ObjectLog call as an event. Enter: “Event” to enable this behavior.
FileEmailAttachmentsWithTaskObjectTRUEFile Email Attachments With Task RecordEmail attachments are filed to the newly created email Task record.
FileEmailAttachmentsWithParentObjectTRUEFile Email Attachments With Parent RecordEmail attachments are filed to the email’s Related To or Name record selected in the ZynBit sidebar.
ShowZynCalTRUEZynCalShows ZynCal on the menu so the user can see meeting types, block off time and copy/paste calendar links.