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I have Exchange Email. How Do I Connect ZynBit?

These instructions provide information needed to connect ZynSync and ZynCal for clients using Exchange Email Servers. Exchange 2010 is supported for the ZynBox Outlook Desktop Client and ZynSync products.  Exchange 2013 can be used with ZynBox clients for Outlook Desktop, OWA, and Zynsync.

To begin the process, a ZynBit Admin should open and click the edit profile link below the avatar.  Add the Exchange Web Service (EWS) URL to the profile as shown below.

Note: The default URL for EWS is https://<mail.server>/ews/exchange.asmx. Your company will have a unique EWS URL and this is required prior to establishing a connection.  Ask your Exchange administrator for the URL if you are not the Exchange Admin.  The Exchange Admin can issue this command from the Exchange Management Shell:

  • Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory |fl identity,externalurl


In the Domain List field, all domains that the service account will manage should be listed.  For example, if your company has two domains, one named and the other named, if accounts in both domains should be managed by the service account, the entry should be:,

Afer the administrative setup is complete, all users will then need to open the Connections tab and Click Exchange to add their mailbox credentials: 

Enter the Mailbox and Username Information and click save.

Once you are successfully authenticated with Exchange you are now ready to configure ZynSync and/or ZynCal.


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