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Create a Salesforce Contact and Account from Email

To create a Salesforce contact and account for a new person you are interacting with in email, review the Zynbit task pane on the left. A person who is not in your Salesforce database as a lead or contact will have a blue cloud beside their name in the Zynbit task bar. 


Click the arrow beside the new person and choose the option of “New Contact” in the window which appears.

Add the data for the Contact beginning with the account.  Required fields are outlined in red.



Add the data for the Contact beginning with the account.  In the example below, an Account of that does not exist in Salesforce has been entered and the search was activated to confirm the entry.  If the account does not exist, as in this case, it will need to be added.   The remaining contact details can be completed after the new account is created.

When no matching account exists,  you can click the word New to add a new Salesforce account.


When the new Account pane loads, your Salesforce account fields will be listed and you can fill in the appropriate data and save the account. You can then save the account record using the orange “save” cloud at the top or the word Create at the bottom.  Return to the Contact record and complete your data entry there.  When you have entered all available data, click the icon.  The new record is immediately available in Salesforce and now you will also see the green actions menu in ZynBit as well.