Create a Salesforce Lead or Contact

When viewing an email, look at the contact listed in the Zynbit task pane.

If the cloud icon beside the name is green, this is an existing contact in Salesforce.  If the icon is blue, you do not have a record in Salesforce for this person.  Click the arrow beside the new person.  (In this example, Lief and Phil are already Salesforce contacts and Noreply is not.)


When the entry is clicked, you are offered the option to store the information as either a new lead or new contact in Salesforce.


If the person is added as a new Lead, the Salesforce lead fields are displayed so to be filled out for the Salesforce record.  Fields outlined in red are required. There is also a checkbox to add the contact in Outlook.  When finished, click Create.



If the person is added as a contact, the Salesforce contact fields are listed.  Once again, fields required in Salesforce are marked as required and fields are displayed in the order in which they appear in Salesforce.  If the appropriate account does not exist for your new contact, the account can also be added.  In the example below, you can see from the red outline that the Account field.  Once you type into the search field, the field will remain red until it matches an existing record in Salesforce.   The blue cloud icon indicates this field is a Salesforce lookup/search field.  In a case like this, the new account must be added in order to save the contact.  To search for an existing account record or to add a new account here, click the search icon .