Email Tracking and Viewing Email Opens (ZynBox)

Email Tracking and Viewing Email Opens

Email Tracking

When you have email tracking turned on, ZynBit can help you know who opens the email or clicks on a link in your email body or signature.  These analytics show up embedded in your email conversation so that you can see the contact activity while you are reading or composing an email.  For best results include as many useful links in your email body and signature as possible.  This will help improve the email tracking logic for each contact who clicks on a link you send them.

To accomplish email tracking, ZynBit adds a 1×1 blank image to each tracked email.  When the recipient opens the message their email client requests the image from the ZynBit server and then ZynBit knows the email has been opened.  For link tracking ZynBit rewrites the link when at the time the email is sent.  When the recipient clicks the link the request comes to the ZynBit server.  The link request and redirect is recorded in the database.


Email Tracking Results:

The ZynBit Email Tracking API stores the user (yourself) in the database as well.  It recognizes your cookie and makes every attempt to ignore your opens of an email vs the recipient.

  • Minimizing False Positives:
    • The Email Tracking Algorithm attempts to recognize you as the sender, which then ignores your opens in the contact feed although they are stored in the database
    • The algorithm attempts to ignore multiple repeated opens.  For example, Outlook technically opens an email up to 8 times when you read one.  The algorithm attempts to ignore these
  • Common Causes for False Positives
    • The sender cookie has not been recognized and therefore the sender views/opens are attributed to the recipient
    • The sender or the recipient views or opens an email from a mobile device the system does not yet recognize
  • False Negatives – An email is opened and the activity history does not show the results
    • Mail Server – Certain mail servers and settings can prevent the pixel from being downloaded. In which case an open would not be recorded.
    • Mail Client – Certain mail clients and settings can prevent the pixel from being downloaded. In which case, an open would not be recorded.
    • User Identity – An unknown device or recipient will result in showing “Someone” has opened the email.
  • Forwards – If ZynBit recognizes or has previously identified a user who is the recipient of a forwarded email, then the new recipient will show up in the activity feed.


Please note that as you have more interactions over time between sender and recipient, the algorithm will adjust the identify of users become more accurate.  For the best results, send emails with links as links/URL’s are always trackable and help improve the algorithm to recognize the identity of the user and their device.  Emails which are sent to a single recipient are easier to identify than those emails with many contacts in the To: and CC: fields.  When ZynBit recognizes an open has happened but is uncertain who opened the email, the analytics will show “Someone” opened the email rather than specifically who opened the email.


Automatically Filing New Emails or Replies:

For email conversations (replies and forwards) when a ZynBit user receives a new incoming email that is set for automatically filing; ZynBit recognizes the conversation history and automatically files each subsequent message.  If the recipient of a forwarded email has previously been identified by ZynBit, you may see that someone who was not a recipient of the email has actually opened the email.  In this case, the email has been forwarded and the tracking data even applies to those were not in the To: or CC: fields of the original message.

The ZynBit email tracking information is available in the ZynBit task pane for an individual email trail.


Note that the dark blue icon for web page visits is active for users whose subscription includes ZynIQ. The light blue Salesforce icon shows chatter feed activity for the contact, and the Pink recipient filter allows you to choose which recipients are included in the tracking information.

customer-insights-web-visit    customer-insights-salesforce-chatter    kb-activity-history-select-contact


The Zynbit Dashboard Contact Feed provides comprehensive information about the recent activities of the contact in a summary form.  This makes it easy to review the level of interest a contact has displayed in your company very quickly just prior to responding to their emails.

This image shows the dashboard display for a sample user.  Note that both email and web based activities are recorded.

zynbit dashboard