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Contact Sync – I Need to Copy Salesforce Contacts to Outlook and Gmail

  • ZynBit 2018
  • Contact Sync – I Need to Copy Salesforce Contacts to Outlook and Gmail

Contact Sync allows Salesforce contacts to be synchronized with the user’s Gmail or Outlook contacts.  This sync only functions in one direction, and by design does not allow for the deletion of Salesforce records. This integration is intended for users where Salesforce is the master repository of contact records, but these need to be accessed quickly and easily by personnel in the field using phones and other small personal devices.  Sales and Support team members are able to quickly and easily call customers or send emails even when out in the field, based on records synced to their local devices.   Rules are created by each Site’s ZynBit administrator which reflect the organization’s policies about exporting contact information.  Once the basic parameters are set by the admin, the user can sync from their Contact Rules tab if allowed.

When the Administrator advises users that the organization is ready to begin using Contact Sync,  the user can then configure their own sync parameters as appropriate using the Contact Rules tab of ZynSync.  New records can be defined based on email, or email plus name.   The number of contacts to be synced for the individual is indicated prior to starting the process.  ZynBit recommends that users sync 2500 or fewer contacts each.  This is not a hard limit, and the sync can be used even when more contacts will be imported.  If the recommended limit is exceeded, the speed or accuracy of the sync may be affected.

Advanced Settings information:
Salesforce to GMail – First and last name will be joined to one field when transferring from Salesforce to GMail.
All Salesforce Address fields will be consolidated into one field to update either
Gmail or Outlook.