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How to Scan A Business Card Using ZynBit Mobile.

This article explains how to use the business card scanning feature in the ZynBit Mobile App.

Once logged into the ZynBit Mobile app, select the contacts icon in the bottom menu tray.

Select the plus sign icon in the bottom right of your sidebar contacts screen. This will display the ability to manually create a new contact or scan a card. Select scan a card.Scan a Business card in ZynBit mobile

After you select to scan a card your phone’s camera will initiate. You can then choose to take a picture of the card or select from your photo library.  Center the card in the middle of the white viewfinder and click as if taking a picture.  The results of the scan can be edited if needed.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen to delete the scan or create a contact in Salesforce.  If you choose to create a new contact, you will be presented with the ZynBit New Contact screen where you can complete any additional information and save the record to your contacts in the ZynBit mobile app and to Salesforce.