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ZynBit Mobile – Installation and Basic Use

ZynBit Mobile Setup

  1.  Installation

The first step in using ZynBit for Mobile is to download the application from the store.  Searching for “ZynBit for Mobile” will allow you to find and download the app.  When you open the initial screen, you will be asked to sign in with your typical sign in options.  The use of Sign in with Salesforce is recommended for maximum ease.  Other login methods will be covered at the end of this guide.





2.  Login

The Salesforce login window will appear and you should type in your Salesforce credentials, making sure to use a custom URL if appropriate for your company.

If you have two factor authentication configured for Salesforce, you will get a verification code and a prompt to enter that.

Once the Salesforce connection is complete, you will see a request to connect your mailbox.  Choose Google, Office 365 or exchange as appropriate.

You will be prompted by your email service for your username and password and will then see a screen that ZynBit is being configured.

3.  Basic Use

When your mailbox is displayed, you will notice two tabs – Customers, and Other.  The customer tab will be active with a blue bar underneath it, and you can see your mailbox items.  Toggle to the Other tab to see emails which are not from Salesforce leads or contacts.

You will see the orange C icon for Contacts in Salesforce, and a Green L icon for leads.  The number under the Salesforce icon indicates the number of messages in the thread.  In the screen shot above, the second email is from a Lead in Salesforce and the remaining emails are from contacts.  The fourth email has two messages in the thread.  Several emails are showing attachments.  To read the email, simply tap on it in the inbox preview.








The email is filed by tapping the lightning bolt icon.  A screen appears allowing you to select the account or other object and type the name and click search in the keyboard area.



First choose the object when the email should be filed – this is typically an account, opportunity, case or other such object.  A list of records matching the typed text will appear and the correct record can be selected.   The same operation can then be performed for the person to be associated in Salesforce – click either lead or contact, type the name and click search.

Click File to Salesforce and you will receive a confirmation notice of success.  The remainder of this guide shows alternate login methods and connection screens.  The next article in this series shows additional ZynBit functionality.

Alternate Sign in Options function just as with the dashboard and the desktop client.  These include sign in with ZynBit, sign in with Google and Sign in with Outlook 365.