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Managing ZynBit Display Fields

ZynBit uses Salesforce record layouts in order to leverage the administrative setup time invested in the Salesforce configuration, and eliminate the need for duplicate management.  To understand and control the record fields displayed in ZynBit, please see the following chart:

ZynBit FeatureSalesforce Configuration used
Edit/CreatePage Layout (as assigned user’s profile)
My Activities and My OpportunitiesCompact Layout
Any object under Contact or Lead expanderCompact Layout
ZynBit Search/LookupsSearch Layout

To create the Salesforce compact layout for a custom object or edit the layout for a Standard Object, follow the steps below.  To create a compact layout for a Custom Object choose Setup -> Create -> Objects -> Custom Object Name.

You can then edit the object definition and select New Compact Page Layout.

Name the layout, select the fields, and set the order you wish them to display in ZynBit.  If you have an existing record named System Default, you can Clone it and then edit your new copy.

After Saving the Layout, you must assign the layout to the record types which need it.  If your object does not have multiple record types, you can assign the compact layout by simply set the primary compact page layout with the Compact Layout Assignment button.

If you have multiple record types for the object, when you open the Compact Assignment section, select Edit Assignment and choose the appropriate compact layout for each record type.

Save your changes and then restart your email to see the new cards in ZynBit.


The fields displayed in the “Search” Card are controlled by the Salesforce search layout.  Thus if you click the magnifying glass and search for “John” the fields which show for Accounts containing John are dictated by the Account search layout, and the fields which show for Contacts containing John are controlled by the Contact search layout.

Search layouts in Salesforce can be created, edited and assigned in the same way as compact layout, explained above.