MSI Deployment of ZynBit for Outlook Desktop

Before deploying the ZynBit Outlook MSI, you need to consider if there are any user configuration settings that you would like to change.  User config settings are set by default and can be viewed here.  YOU ONLY NEED TO CONSIDER THIS OPTION IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE A DEFAULT SETTING.

Configuration Settings

  1. Deploying the MSI file. Request access to the ZynBit .zip file from
  2. Download and unzip the file
  3. Use your deployment automation software to publish the MSI to each user’s desktop profile.
  4. If you plan to modify any of the standard user configuration settings, you will also need to publish User Settings.Config file as well.
    1. Open the standard User Settings File
    2. Change any of the options.
    3. Save the changes
    4. Push the User Settings.Config file to the local user’s profile
      • Windows(C:)User“profilename”AppDataRoamingZynBit
      • Or push to – %AppData%RoamingZynBit