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Onboarding ZynBit Users

There are several ways to on-board ZynBit users.

Users are invited or created by clicking the Dark Purple ZynBit Admin icon on the lower left side of the screen, and clicking users.

When the user tab opens, you will have the option to either import a group of users or create an individual user.  These buttons appear on the right side of the Licensed Users Tab.

If you select the option to import users from a CSV file, the following screen will appear.

Download the template, complete the fields and upload the file.  If you select the checkbox “Send Activation Emails”, users will be sent an email asking them to go to and set a password for their new account.

If you have a very small number of users to create, you can do this by clicking the create user button and filling out the screen like the following.


You can also choose to open the Salesforce import tabs and select from among your Salesforce users those you wish to import.  In order to user this option you must first set up a service account link to a Salesforce Admin user.  To do this, click the Service Account icon as shown in the first illustration in this article. 

Then click Add a Service Account and Click Salesforce.  The Salesforce log in screen will appear and credentials for a Salesforce admin should be entered.  You can then find your Salesforce users listed in the Salesforce Import Tab.

Check the box beside the desired user names and click Create Selected Users on the top right side.  Users will receive an email with a button link to click to complete account setup.