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Release Notes – ZynBox Outlook Desktop 05.04.2018

ZynBit Spring Roll-up Release

Enhancements and bug fixes sorted by sub-release follow. – February Release

Major Changes

  • URL Defender Workaround to prevent false reports in Customer insights
  • UserSettings configurations now available for organizations from the server

SF Changes

  • Exclude the parent Event or Task in a recurring series
  • Salesforce Spring 18 bug resolutions
  • Custom validation message if the user tries to add a Task or Event to a Lead and another object
  • Orgs can set up ZynBit auditing fields on any SF object in order to track when ZynBit creates or modifies any Salesforce record.  This feature is explained fully here:  ZynBit Activity Audit Fields

Minor UI Changes

  • Global font size and color standardization
  • Global header, margin, spacing standardization
  • The Red field validation border is a clean box
  • Task Pane refreshes when switching between events on separate calendars
  • ZynBit Category applied to Synced events by default
  • Entire contents of Contact and Lead expanders will scroll.  Previously the headers were pinned to the top
  • The Actions Menu should no longer appear too far to the right of Outlook window
  • Converted ribbon components to current MS standard
  • Registry setting to improve appearance of Salesforce Sign-In screen – April Release

  • File Email when composing will file the email immediately rather than after the user has sent the message
  • Remove ItemSent event listener unless the user has AutoFile (or an ECM connection) enabled
  • Remove event listeners for added and changed items where possible
  • Restore feature to add ZB category to synced Tasks, Contacts, and Events
  • Ignore and hide IE Javascript error popups
  • Set Tasksubtype=Email
  • Do not allow a user to select both a WhatId object and a WhoId Lead object since this is an invalid combination in Salesforce.
  • Minor bug fixes
    • Support search queries that contain a plus sign
    • Support recipient emails that contain a single quote
    • Disable Quick File for Contact Header
    • Hide Error popup when adding an activity from an Outlook Contact