How Do I Schedule a ZynCal Meeting for a Specific Time?

When using ZynCal, the default time period in which a meeting can be scheduled is today plus 30 days.  The link you include email will show all availability for the next 30 days, for any available Calendar Hours after the First Meeting Buffer with any  All Meeting Buffer minutes marked unavailable from existing meetings.


If you would like to offed availability for only certain hours in the date range or would like to offer a date range different than the default, the ZynBit Calendar pop-out is available for this purpose.  The green ZynBit icon is displayed at the far top right side of the ZynCal settings page on

When the icon is clicked, a screen similar to the following will display showing each meeting type you have configured and have not hidden.  To obtain your link for the meeting type, click the Chain Link icon and then open your email and paste the reference.  The link you paste will be specific to the meeting type you selected.

To schedule a specific time range for the meeting, set the dates and times that will comprise the new range by clicking the purple clock icon in the meeting window.  A screen similar to the following will display.


Once the dates and times are set, click Copy Link for the new meeting offering to be copied into your buffer.  You can then open your email and click paste to offer the meeting to your contact.