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Task Sync – Between Email and Salesforce

The process of syncing tasks using ZynSync will create tasks in Salesforce to mirror tasks in Outlook or Chrome and vice versa. This allows you to create and edit all tasks in your current location and have your alternate system updated.

To synchronize tasks between Email and Salesforce, open the ZynBit dashboard.

Connect your email account/mailbox and Salesforce.

  1. Connecting to Salesforce: You will always be automatically prompted to connect to Salesforce
  2. Connecting Your Email Account/Mailbox: On the dashboard click the green Connections tab, select the type of mailbox to connect and supply the requested information.

Choose the teal ZynSync icon from the left column on main page.

Use the Task tab at the top enter area of the page to set up task syncing.  Choose the directions information should flow by clicking the selection buttons.  If tasks should be synced from Gmail/Outlook to Salesforce, click the first button.  If tasks created or updated in Salesforce should be synced to Gmail/Outlook, select the second button.   If syncing is desired in both directions, click both items.

Tasks are synced to the person assigned, beginning the day the configuration is implemented.  The ZynSync service runs every two hours by default.