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Understanding ZynIQ


This document is designed to help ZynBit customers understand how ZynIQ comes together and the best approach for achieving high value customer insights.  ZynBit offers several tiered solutions with accompanied features for email tracking and web visitor tracking.

Product Tiers:

  1. Includes email tracking & Salesforce integration.
  2. Productivity Bundle. Includes email tracking, Salesforce integration, 2-way sync and mobile.
  3. Includes web visitor tracking (ZynTrack) along with the ability to merge and analyze all of your customer interactions from multiple data sources:
    1. Email Tracking – sends, opens and link clicks
    2. Web Visitor Tracking – Name, Account, Page View and Time Stamp
    3. Salesforce Activities – Tasks, Calls, Emails and Meetings

ZynIQ merges customer interactions together across 3 different data sources; Email, Web and CRM focusing on  sales and marketing activities along with the information needed to increase throughput and productivity.

Key Activities:

  1. Prospecting – Sales and Marketing Reps
    1. Automated lead scoring, ranking and sorting based on email opens and web visits. Includes full timeline history.
  2. Pipeline Management – Sales Rep
    1. The ability to analyze opportunity related activities from Salesforce, email and web.
  3. Forecasting – Sales Manager
    1. The ability to view rep or team opportunities and all related activities from Salesforce, email and web.
    2. The ability to report which opportunities have gone cold or have no related activities from Salesforce, email or web.
  4. Team Activities – Sales Manager
    1. The ability to analyze team member activities across Salesforce and email to see who is doing the most work and who is getting the best results.



This article will cover everything you need to know to produce the best results with ZynIQ analytics.

Email Tracking

This article presumes you have a fundamental understanding for how ZynBit email tracking works.  Detailed article on email tracking can be found here.  Email tracking is the primary method to identify a contact for web visitor tracking.  As ZynBit users send emails, ZynBit will identify the recipients and use this information to also track web visitor history.

ZynIQ Tip 1:  The more users you have in your company using the email tracking capability with the ZynBox subscription, the more prospects and customers ZynBit will be able to identify.  The more employees who are using ZynBox will also help improve the email open recognition algorithm since we know who all of your employees are and thus can more accurately include or exclude them as recipients.

ZynIQ Tip 2:  Send as many emails as you can where there is only ONE recipient.  A single recipient for an email will vastly improve the recognition results, especially for future emails where there are multiple recipients.

Link Tracking

Link tracking is another feature of email tracking.  When you include hyperlinks or URL’s (for example, or ) in the body of an email or email signature, ZynBit will rewrite the links everytime you send an email.  The link rewrite establishes every URL with a unique link that can be tracked back to the email and each of the recipients on the email.  The unique link will redirect to the original and thus ZynBit will record a link click event as part of the customer insights analytics.

ZynIQ Tip 3:  Include links in your email signature block.  Signature links are an easy way to make sure you are driving people to your company website, but also that you have links in every email by default.


ZynIQ Tip 4:  Signature setup for Office 365 or Gmail or Outlook Desktop

ZynIQ Tip 5:  Include useful links to your website in your daily and regular correspondence with your prospects and customers.  Link clicks along with email opens will help improve the results of your web visitor tracking.

Web Visitor Tracking – ZynTrack

This article presumes you are familiar with how to deploy the ZynTrack code to your company website(s).  Detailed article on Zyntrack setup can be found here.  Once the ZynTrack code is deployed to your website, ZynBit will record each visit as “Anonymous” until the system has recognized that visitor through an email open or link click.  Once the system recognizes a web visitor, all the historical and future visitor data is included in the ZynIQ record.

ZynIQ Tip 6:  View contact history

ZynIQ Tip 7:  With email and web visitor tracking deployed, your Salesforce contact, account, opportunity and all related activities records can be viewed and analyzed in one place.


Conclusion – Recognition & Results

To recap, ZynBit identifies individuals based on email tracking and link clicks.  ZynBitthen merges that informaiton with web visitor history.  Email tracking and web visitor history are then merged with Salesforce activities for deeper analysis.  Therefore, make sure you have as many employees as possible sending tracked emails.  Encourage your employees to include links in their emails.  You will then notice your ZynIQ dashboards will start to fill up with more and more useful information.

ZynIQ Tip 8:  Encourage your employees to use log activities in Salesforce using the ZynBit sidebar for Outlook or Gmail.  The more data you have coming from your website, email and Salesforce; the more useful the ZynIQ dashboards will become.