User On-Boarding for Organizations

The best way to on-board ZynBit users is to set up a ZynBit admin or manager account for a Salesforce admin.  The Salesforce admin can then create a Service Account link to Salesforce so that users can be imported from Salesforce into ZynBit.  The benefits are two-fold.  Users who are on-boarded this way can go directly to the Sign in with Salesforce page and use ZynBit with their existing Salesforce credentials.  For Administrators, the account creation extremely easy, and all new accounts can be created in a batch.

To establish a Service Account, the Salesforce

Admin would go to and open the purple admin area.  Select the Create Service Account option.

On the Service Accounts tab, click on the greyed-out word Salesforce on the far right, and enter Salesforce admin credentials.  Once the Salesforce connection is made, return to the Salesforce Import tab in the user area.  A list of all Salesforce users is presented.  From there, it is only a matter of reviewing the Salesforce users and selecting those which should have ZynBit accounts created and ticking the checkbox beside their name.  When the correct users have been marked, click Create User at the top right and the users will be able to use Log in with Salesforce.

Users will receive an email saying: “Your Salesforce Admin has added you to the company’s ZynBit account. All that’s left for you to do is click the link below and click Sign in with Salesforce. ”


Users not added this way will need to create a ZynBit password (see the article on resetting passwords here.

They will then need to link the Salesforce and ZynBit credentials on before being able to log in with Salesforce.