Working With Salesforce Custom Objects (ZynBox)

ZynBit does not require any internal customization to working with custom objects. When custom objects are created in Salesforce and are accessible to the current user, they will appear automatically in ZynBit.  All attributes of the object will act exactly as configured in Salesforce.  Below, the Pet Sitting Custom object appears from Salesforce and a record can be created for a new Pet Sitting Engagement.

Custom Object 1

Custom Object

The Pet Sitting Service custom object was created to illustrate this functionality.  Please Note:  In order for an object to appear in ZynBit, it must be related to a contact or account.

The object initially only shows the orange + to indicate that this contact (ZynBit Team) has no Pet Sitting Records.   Once the record has been created, the green A – Actions toolbar is available with additional options.  The options to File Email and Modify the Pet Sitting record appear just as for a standard object.

The record will perform just like any other ZynBit record.  The Name field is the field which will be displayed in the related list section of the ZynBit task pane.

Custom ObjectWhen the option to View in Salesforce is chosen, the Salesforce application is opened and the relevant record is displayed.Custom Object 4