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ZynBit for Outlook Web App – Desktop and Web (PC and MAC) Add-in Version Compatibility and Feature Support

  • IT Administrator
  • ZynBit for Outlook Web App – Desktop and Web (PC and MAC) Add-in Version Compatibility and Feature Support


This document is designed to help Salesforce Administrators and IT Departments understand ZynBit for Outlook email client options and feature availability.  Outlook is three different platforms, each with its own set of API’s; Outlook Desktop (for Windows), Outlook Web Access (aka and Outlook for Mac.

ZynBit Supports:

Outlook Desktop for Windows:  Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile for iOS/Android/Windows Phone:  Microsoft only supports web-addins with 365 Exchange Online, Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016

Desktop Add-ins vs Web Addins

Outlook offers two add-in types for integration.  The first is a desktop add-in which is only available for Outlook Desktop for Windows.  This is a program that runs locally on the Windows machine, which can be downloaded or deployed via MSI.

The second add-in option is a web add-in, which supports all three Outlook environments; Outlook Desktop, Outlook Web Access and Outlook for Mac.

MicrosoftOutlook Environments & Add-in Types

Desktop Add-inWeb Add-inNotes
Outlook Desktop 2007, 2010YesNoOnly desktop add-ins are supported.
Outlook Desktop 2013 and 2016YesYesWeb Add-ins are supported with an Office 365 Subscription using Exchange Online
Outlook Web AccessNoYesSupported with an Office 365 or account
Outlook for Mac 2011NoNoDoes not support add-ins
Outlook for Mac 2016NoYesSupported with an Office 365 Subscription


Desktop vs Web Add-in API Availability

Outlook EnvironmentDesktop Add-inWeb Add-inNotes
Outlook Desktop 2007, 2010
·       Preview WindowYesN/A
·       Read/Inspector WindowYesN/A
·       ComposeYesN/A
·       CalendarYesN/A
·       Task WindowYesN/A
·       Contacts WindowYesN/A
Outlook Desktop 2013 and 2016
·       Preview WindowYesYes
·       Read/Inspector WindowYesYes
·       ComposeYesYes
·       CalendarYesYes
·       TaskYesYes
·       ContactsYesYes
Outlook Web Access
·       Preview WindowN/AYes
·       Read/Inspector WindowN/AYes
·       ComposeN/AYes
·       CalendarN/AYes
·       TaskN/AYes
·       ContactsN/ANo
Outlook for Mac 2016
·       Preview WindowN/AYes
·       Read/Inspector WindowN/AYes
·       ComposeN/AYes
·       CalendarN/AYes
·       TaskN/AYes
·       ContactsN/ANo

Key Features & Notes

The ZynBit for Outlook Sidebar has many Salesforce integration features, most of which are fully available.  The list below is designed to call out the features which are not available via each Outlook environment.  Please note these features are restricted primarily due to the differences in the Outlook API on each client environment and as soon as the API opens for each feature it will be supported by ZynBit.

Key Features & Notes.


Outlook EnvironmentWeb Add-in LimitationsNotes
Outlook Desktop 2007, 2010Does not support web-addinsAll ZynBit functionality is available with the Desktop Add-in
Outlook Desktop 2013Microsoft does not support a pinned (always open) sidebar for Outlook 2013
OWA, Outlook 2013 and 2016, and MacMicrosoft Does not support multi-select on emails,  shared mailboxes, or adding attachments when composing an email


Feature will be supported with updates to the Microsoft API
Outlook for MacTrack Emails is manual, click to track before sendKnown issues related to track emails for “reply to” actions.  Outlook for Mac can error when pixel’s are injected on reply emails.



Browser Compatibility & Requirements

For both desktop and web add-ins browser requirements is a consideration.  The desktop add-in for Windows will use Internet Explorer & Edge to sign-in to ZynBit and/or Salesforce.  Web add-ins run 100% as a web based application whether running on Outlook Desktop for Windows, Outlook Web Access or Outlook for Mac.

Outlook EnvironmentInternet ExplorerChrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox
Outlook Desktop 2007, 2010IE 11 or AboveLatest Version
Outlook Desktop 2013 and 2016IE 11 or AboveLatest Version
Outlook Web AccessIE 11 or AboveLatest Version
Outlook for Mac 2016N/ALatest Version

Choosing Between the Desktop & Web Add-in for Windows

Companies who are running Outlook 2013 or 2016 desktop will have a choice for which add-in style to deploy.  You can deploy both options with your ZynBit subscription if you choose.  Below are pros and cons to help you choose.

Outlook EnvironmentProsCons
Desktop Add-in
·       Sidebar ActivationThe Sidebar is always active.  It does not have to be activated manually by the user.
·       Feature AvailabilityAll Features Available
·       Individual DeploymentAnyone can download with windows permissionsCertain Windows permission configurations can prevent the user from being able to download or access the sidebar.  The ZynBit program must be shared with the Windows user account.
·       Mass DeploymentMicrosoft Installer (MSI) supported.  IT can prevent the upgradeIT may need to be involved to push updates if your Windows users do not have download/install permissions for upgrades.
·       Desktop PerformanceThe sidebar is running locally and therefore uses memory within the Outlook application.  Older machines and large user mailboxes can be pushing the memory thresholds for Outlook even before ZynBit is installed.  Additional memory consumption can cause Outlook to lockup or crash.  ZynBit is designed to minimize memory consumption and streamline performance with Outlook, but it does require some memory to run.
Web Add-in
·       Sidebar ActivationSidebar must be activated
·       Feature AvailabilitySome features are not available due to API limitations.  See section above.
·       Individual DeploymentAdd to 365 via URL or Microsoft Store
·       Mass DeploymentAdd to Exchange online via URL.  New version update automatically.IT does not control updates
·       Desktop PerformanceThe add-in is only activated by the user and thus there is much less potential for interference

Deployment Options


Outlook EnvironmentDesktop Add-inWeb Add-inNotes
Desktop .EXE FileIndividualN/A
Microsoft InstallerIT Mass DeploymentN/ABy IT Admins
Microsoft StoreN/AIndividual or Mass DeployUser or Exchange Admin
Install from URLN/AIndividual or Mass DeployUser or Exchange Admin
Install from XML FileN/AMass DeployExchange Admin Only



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