Sales Strategy | Navigate Every Deal With Precision

This Master Class Series Designed For High-Performing Sales Professionals Looking To Win More Business By Accelerating Deals With Precision.

This live series is an advanced course designed for high-performing sales professionals who are looking to sharpen their skills by making precise tweaks in their deal strategy to win more business, faster.

This masterclass is built on the compass selling system. What is compass selling? Compass Selling is a proven system that helps high-performing sales professionals navigate their ‘must-win’ deals through complex conditions and an uncertain outcome to a successful close. Compass selling is built on three primary variables; Time, Velocity, and Position.

In the game of golf, small changes to your swing impact your shot! It's no different in the game of sales. The complex sales process is never straightforward and it requires many adjustments along the way. In the webinar series, we will common scenarios that sales professionals face and how to tackle them.

Scenarios Covered:

1) An Enterprise Deal where your position is unknown.
2) A six-figure B2B Tech opportunity has gone dark.
3) A sizable opportunity where known competitors have some product advantages.

The objective in this series is to demonstrate how small changes in your positioning can make a big impact on making sure the deal makes it over the finish line.

Live Deal Workout -Identify Your Position In Every Deal

Live Deal Workout - How To Create Value

Live Deal Workout- Drive Q3 Deals

Live Deal Workout - Tighten Your Deal Strategy

Live Deal Workout - Navigate Complex Deals

December Live Deal Workshop