Team Activity Tracking

Now that activities are automatically recorded, managers and execs can see team views for email sends, opens, meetings, tasks, calls, and even web visits from your prospects and opportunities.


Unlike the past, with ZynBit your basic reports are actually up to date and activities are tracked, now what? ZynIQ provides managers and execs with Team Dashboards and visualizations where you can drill down into the pipeline to see what is real and what is not based on actual activity!

Time & Money

Did you know on average Sales reps spend 22% of their time actually working with customers? That’s absurd! We need our teams in the field and on the phone with customers. With ZynBit, opportunity forecasts are up to date and reps are freed up to focus on their pipelines!

CRM Adoption

Did you know that 60% of execs report their CRM implementations as a failure? Too often we forget the stick and event he carrot doesn’t actually work. People need intrinsic motivators. ZynBit gives reps intrinsic value by putting CRM in their inbox and syncing customer data!