Altvia Solutions

Altvia’s flexible Private Equity solutions help you differentiate yourself in today’s market by unleashing the power of your relationships and data

Since 2006, Altvia has been focused on customer success and delivering the only fully integrated Salesforce-centric solution in Private Equity. Through the seamless communication of your operational data and LP portal, communication network and accounting system, Altvia connects your institutional knowledge with a future-focused product suite to give you the competitive edge that puts you years ahead of your competition.

Increase productivity and get more time back by using AIM Inbox powered by ZynBit. AIM Inbox maintains updated contact information, recent email communications and meetings, and all client interactions with your emails and website. Even better, AIM Inbox integrates with email platforms you are already familiar with – Gmail or Outlook. No more alternating between systems or using outdated information. AIM Inbox increases productivity and allows you to access better information, faster.

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“Many of our Private Equity clients utilize Microsoft Outlook, and despite the options that exist, we felt it was key to integrate our private equity CRM, AIM more seamlessly with their favorite mail platform,” shares Altvia’s Vice President of Products, Jeff Williams. “AIM Inbox offers users the opportunity to create and edit data directly through the integration interface.”