Partner with ZynBit

ZynBit is one of the fastest growing Salesforce integration apps for Outlook and Gmail. ZynBit’s Partner Program is made up of three offerings, Referring Partner, Reseller Partner and Developer Partner. Regardless of the Partner type you choose, ZynBit provides a wealth of materials to help you be successful.


  • Partner Onboarding - includes a combination of webinar, documentation and in-person training on both the tool and how to optimize sales and marketing.
  • Partner Support – includes support both during and post onboarding process. For Referral and Reseller Partners ZynBit provides all support for their customers.
  • Sales Bootcamp – Dedicated webinar on how to most effectively communicate benefits of ZynBit to potentials customers.
  • Sales and Marketing Materials – includes access to a library of sales and marketing materials (both documentation, videos and recorded webinars/demos).
  • Implementation and Deployment Guidelines – Includes documentation on individual and enterprise implementation and deployment.
  • Monthly and Quarterly Webinars – providing access to the latest information on product roadmap, most effective sales and marketing techniques, partner success stories and case studies
  • Product Enhancements Review – Program to regularly capture new product feature/enhancement requests.
  • Known Issue Knowledgebase – Access to all the latest known issues and bug fix status updates.