ZynBit delivers the data and insights you need to drive sales...

No matter what role you play in the sales process—from
prospecting to sales tracking and analytics—ZynBit
captures all activity data, then provides smart insights that
help your team increase productivity, validate and improve
forecasts, and close more deals.

In short, ZynBit simplifies data-driven sales to make you
more effective.

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Better data + insights = more sales

ZynBit is designed to help everyone on your sales team work more efficiently. But it does a lot more than just save you time and money.


Works in the Background

ZynBit works in the background to gather all the key information about your customers, sales activities, communications and more.

Data-driven Insights

It provides data-driven visibility and insights so your sales team can focus on the tasks that actually drive sales.

Replaces up to 5 Apps

It replaces up to 5 different apps and your sales reps will never have to open Salesforce again.

See how ZynBit supports your sales team.


ZynBit adds data and context to make prospecting more effective

Understanding how your prospects react to emails, sales materials, meeting invites, and other activities helps you focus on the actions with the best return.

To make that possible, ZynBit:


Tracks your email opens and link clicks so you can follow up based on engagement


Records web page views to gauge your prospect’s interest level


Converts prospecting to booked meetings (and eliminates time consuming back-and-forth) with calendar sharing


Tracks conversion rates and meeting history for better follow up

“We LOVE ZynBit. ZynBit helps my team keep track of customer/internal emails pertaining to a specific account which allows us to better service our customers. My favorite feature is the ability to see who opened my emails and the number of times before responding."

— Stephanie-Rae Higa

CRM productivity increases as ZynBit works in the background

Because ZynBit automatically syncs everything going on in your calendar and inbox to Salesforce, you get all the advantages of Salesforce without ever opening the application. Contacts, tasks, meetings and email is all recorded behind the scenes—so you’re more productive than ever.


Easily create new contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases and custom objects

customer- relationship-icon

All your CRM data is available alongside your email and calendar workflow


Works across all your devices so you have total access no matter where you are

“This is a brilliant time-saving app, with the functionality we were looking for. Its works perfectly to synchronize everything between Outlook and Salesforce, so we no longer need to copy and paste each email as we used to do!”

— Michelle Clark

ZynBit simplifies sales activity tracking

The biggest challenge facing today’s overworked sales managers is missing data. When sales reps don’t enter activity in Salesforce, managers don’t have the information they need to make forecasts, manage the pipeline and coach reps on what they can do to improve.

Because ZynBit handles data entry and syncing, you’ll spend less time chasing down missing data and more time proactively:


Validating forecast with accurate and up-to-date activity data


Capturing every single email, attachments, meeting, and call (even when reps don’t use the CRM)


Enabling deep KPI reporting in Salesforce to get actionable insights


Coaching your sales team on the activities they need to improve

“I use Gmail and the best part is the calendar sync. This is especially helpful when I am trying to sync my personal calendar with my business calendar. The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless. I give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.”

— Elise Tatosian

Enable your support team to do more

Even the teams that support your front row sales team appreciate the time saving automation that ZynBit provides. Because it records all of the sales rep’s activity as it happens, prospect and customer records are always up to date. From their email inbox, your support team can:


Access the complete customer history enabled in Salesforce


Create cases and tickets directly from email


Track all your customer meetings without tedious data entry


Ensure the right data is shared between sales reps, managers and executives

“I used to need two screens to work on Salesforce and my inbox. Now with ZynBit, I can work from my laptop, just as efficiently (if not faster) to update my leads and not get lost with two interfaces.”

— Eric Charette

Uncover deep insights that drive long-term sales growth

ZynBit provides you with an accurate understanding of the sales activities that deliver results and behavioral insights that leaders need to help their teams improve.

Because ZynBit records sales activities, emails, and web visitor behavior, you always have access to the analytics and intelligence you need to:


Validate lead gen quality and follow through


Track all outbound communications effectiveness


Measure middle of funnel and customer behavior

“ZynBit does exactly what we need it to in order to capture sales activity data in Salesforce. The teams find it very easy and seamless to use. It fits right into their workflow in Outlook. Overall very happy with the tool!”

— Dayna Levy

Sell more than ever before—right out of your inbox

ZynBit does it all—from handling data entry and activity syncing to uncovering insights that help you improve and grow. It completely replaces apps like Calendly, Mailshake, and Salesforce Lightning. Plus your sales reps will never have to open Salesforce again.

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Security and compliance solved for enterprise

No system slow downs or drag when syncing to Salesforce
Makes Salesforce adoption because data syncing is automatic
Bi-directional sync saves 100% of your data every time you make a change
Eliminates duplicate entries and bookings
Data is synced and stored securely
Complete sales activity logged in Salesforce

Start driving sales with data

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