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Automate meeting scheduling

Sync it all with Salesforce

No more trading emails back and forth to schedule a time that works for everyone. Your prospects simply choose a time and ZynBit adds it to your calendar and syncs it all with Salesforce.

With more meetings, sales close faster—and your sales team never has to leave their inbox to get it all done.

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Sync all your meetings with Salesforce


Here's how it works:

Simply share your unique calendar link in your email

And ask your prospect to choose a time that works for them. Because ZynBit syncs to your calendar in real-time, it only shows prospects appointments that work for you. Unlike some apps, ZynBit never shows recently booked appointments as available.

ZynBit sends the invites and records everything in Salesforce

(including recurring events, updates, and changes). It works with Google Calendar, ICal, Outlook, and other popular calendar tools.

Salesforce captures the activity you need, every time.

And management can easily leverage the CRM to generate reports and insights based on reliable, up-to-date data.


No-touch automated calendar combined with email & web visitor tracking

See who opens your emails, clicks your links, and visits your site. ZynBit makes it easy for clients to book calls and meetings and helps you identify the most interested prospects and follow up with those who want to hear from you.

Better meetings = more sales.

Stephanie-Rae Higa
ZynBit helps my team keep track of customer/internal emails

“We LOVE ZynBit. ZynBit helps my team keep track of customer/internal emails pertaining to a specific account which allows us to better service our customers. My favorite feature is the ability to see who opened my emails and the number of times before responding."

Stephanie-Rae Higa

Manage your calendar from your inbox sidebar

With ZynBit you don’t have to login to another application. Setup all your meeting types, availability, everything from your sidebar


Enterprise-grade security

We take your security seriously. ZynBit provides enterprise-level security. Many of our customers choose ZynBit as the most secure AppExchange partner.

Connection paths of data are completely configurable and secured with SSO, SAML, or OAuth. ZynBit processes minimal proprietary information.

Full flexibility over your scheduling experience

  • Personalized booking pages

    Create a personalized page for every rep on your team that includes their photo, bio, and best contact information.

  • Calendar views

    Set calendar to show preselected days and times available for meetings. You can also designate meeting types. Perfect for reps that split their time in different office locations or focus on different activities on different days.

  • Meeting types

    ZynBit helps you book different types of meetings, from and record demos and, discovery calls, to proposal reviews and more. It makes it easy to see how each salesperson is spending their time.

  • Meeting details

    Add pre-meeting questions to collect helpful information and make your meetings more productive.

  • Book on behalf of someone else in your team

    ZynBit allows co-workers to search each other’s calendars so they can easily book meetings that include other team members without the usual back-and-forth to find a time that works for everyone. Meetings happen faster and sales close while the iron is hot.


Meeting Notifications

Stay notified when customers book, reschedule, or change meeting details.

Calendar Availability

You control the time available for meetings. ZynBit automatically protects your personal time.

Buffer times

Reps control the time available for meetings and can schedule in buffer time between calls if needed.

Minimum scheduling time in advance

Need time to prepare for your meeting? ZynBit can be configured to prevent immediate scheduling so you have the time to review before you get on a call.

Localized time zones

Reps and prospects receive notifications with localized time zones which means fewer missed meetings.

Customize to your brand

ZynBit’s calendar app can be customized to support your brand’s look and feel.

More than 10,000 organizations use ZynBit...

The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless

“I use Gmail and the best part is the calendar sync. This is especially helpful when I am trying to sync my personal calendar with my business calendar. The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless. I give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.”

Elise Tatosian

ZynBit gives you a lot more than calendar-scheduling

Power up your inbox with ZynBit and automate sales processes


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