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All Sales.
No Busywork.
In Your Pocket.

Get the exact same ZynBit experience - at your desk or on the go.

ZynBit mobile is no different to your desktop sidebar. No need to re-learn ZynBit. Get your insights, data and sales tools and close deals faster - wherever you are.

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Get customer insights no matter where you are - go mobile with ZynBit.

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Mobile Inbox

Stay notified when customers book, reschedule, or change meeting details.

Salesforce Integration

All the Salesforce data you need, on your phone

Log Calls

Easily log sales calls and notes to Salesforce

File Emails

Seamlessly relate emails in Salesforce

Opportunity List

Track and edit your pipeline on your mobile

Mobile Task List

View and update your task list wherever you take your phone

Intelligent Business Card Scanning

Quickly add new contact information to Salesforce with two clicks

Global Salesforce Search

Easily find contact numbers, engagement insights, and more

This isn’t a stripped-down, feature-lite version of ZynBit.

It’s the whole tool in your mobile device...

  • All in a unified hub,
    everywhere you go

    With ZynBit Mobile, you’ll always have complete access to everything you need to prospect, build relationships, and close deals. It’s all neatly arranged in one place for you.

    Access contacts, opportunities, quotes, cases, and more. With ZynBit in your pocket, you can sell from anywhere.

  • Your day. On mobile. Organized.

    Everything you need is right there - so you can see exactly what’s happening, what you need to focus on and what your day looks like.

    You can access work lists, log calls, manage your opportunities, it’s all there—ready for you to get more done. And it’s all synced with Salesforce.

  • Scan cards straight to Salesforce

    Add new contacts instantly with ZynBit’s intelligent business card scanner.

    Met a new contact on the road? Forget writing down their contact information. Instead, grab your phone, open up the camera and scan your new prospect’s business card. ZynBit will auto populate all the data into Salesforce for you.

  • All your contacts - everywhere

    No need to wait to get back to your desk… all of your contacts are immediately available in the ZynBit mobile app. Add, edit, view, and update contact information directly on your mobile device so you can close deals on the go.

    Close deals faster on the go.

  • Create any salesforce
    record, on the go

    Create new records, cases, events, and opportunities no matter where you are. Zynbit gives you the full power of Salesforce, not a feature-lite version—on your mobile device. That means you can do everything you normally do in Salesforce at your desk—right from your phone.

    Create, edit, view and update everything from contacts and opportunities to leads and events. And it’s all instantly synced to Salesforce.

  • Book more meetings, on the go.

    ZynBit even gives you access to all of your meeting types.

    You don’t have to wait until you’re back at your desk to book a particular meeting. With ZynBit mobile, you can access, create, view, and use all your meeting types, on the move.

The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless

" It's crucial for a lot of advisors who want to have their calendar on their phone. It's easier to use than Outlook calendar or Salesforce calendar. It’s easy to pull it up and see what your day looks like. "

Courtney Roberts
Chief Operations Officer, Barber Financial Group
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Get all of ZynBit—nothing left out. On your mobile device.

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