Salesforce Sync

Your days of Salesforce data entry are over!

ZynBit seamlessly updates and syncs all of your data to Salesforce—from Outlook or Gmail.

You’ll never have to manually update your CRM again.

Automatically sync your email, calendar and tasks with Salesforce. ZynBit makes Salesforce data entry completely effortless. Here’s how it works:

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0% Data Entry

Zynbit does all data entry behind the scenes, automating Salesforce adoption. Reps never have to open the CRM.

100% Reliable

Built on a stable, fast code base, ZynBit just works. Forget the system drag or data sync issues you’ve seen with alternatives.

100% Secure

We put data security first. That’s why ZynBit is trusted by CISOs in dozens of Fortune 100 information security departments.

Your sales activity data. Always accurate and up-to-date.

Your sales team’s effectiveness is driven by accurate data. Because ZynBit is always running in the background, it captures all of your team’s engagement and sales activity. The sync frequency means there are no lags or missing data. Everything happens in real-time.

That means when sales leadership generates reports and insights, the data is 100% reliable and gives an accurate picture of what’s really happening.

Managers and VPs get high-level and detailed views of the activities that have the most impact on the pipeline—and that means they can implement data-driven training and strategies or change course if necessary to deliver results and increase revenue.


Understand pipeline health with accurate meeting data

Meetings remain a key KPI that is tracked today to indicate opportunity health, stage, and buyer intent. Capturing meeting details in real-time provides managers with better insights and reporting to understand how many meetings and what types of meetings achieve the best results.


Deliver an excellent customer experience to everyone in your pipeline

ZynBit helps ensure there are no gaps in activity or communication with key accounts. Everything is captured so you have up-to-date information on account coverage, contact frequency, and missed opportunities so you can identify accounts that may be at risk.


Complete data means better conversations between managers and their teams

When all of your sales activity is captured and recorded in real-time, your sales team is freed up from updating activities and data manually. And managers have all of the sales activity data they need for accurate forecasts. This helps facilitate better coaching, more useful training, and focuses everyone on the KPIs that deliver results.


Zero data entry. Reps never have to open Salesforce again.

ZynBit monitors reps’ inbox and automatically syncs their emails to the right contact or lead in Salesforce. It also syncs meetings between their calendar and Salesforce so managers can see their meetings directly from Salesforce.  For the sales team, there’s never a reason to open Salesforce, ever again.


All customer history data at your fingertips.

Since all your data is captured from your calendar and inbox and added to Salesforce immediately, you always have the entire customer history when you need it—in your inbox on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. It’s always there. And always up-to-date.


Calendar Sync

ZynBit syncs meetings between your calendar and Salesforce—even recurring events.

Email Sync

Zero data entry. ZynBit records all customer interactions automatically.

Task Sync

It’s not just your inbox. ZynBit also syncs activities and reminders to Salesforce.

Custom Objects

ZynBit’s sync capabilities support all of the custom fields your team tracks.
The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless

“ This is a brilliant time-saving app, with the functionality we were looking for. It works perfectly to synchronize everything between Outlook and Salesforce, so we no longer need to copy and paste each email as we used to do! ”

Michelle Clark

ZynBit offers 100% secure Salesforce integration


100% secure & configurable connection paths

ZynBit provides enterprise-level security. Many of our customers choose ZynBit as the most secure AppExchange partner. Connection paths of data are completely configurable and secured with SSO, SAML, or OAuth. ZynBit processes the least amount of information required to complete the job.

ZynBit syncs your data - fast!

ZynBit sync works behind the scenes to populate Salesforce with activity data. The data is in Salesforce in minutes!

Salesforce Versions Supported

  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Group Edition
  • Salesforce Professional Edition
  • Salesforce Enterprise Edition
  • Salesforce Unlimited Edition
  • Salesforce Partner Community Edition
  • Salesforce Edition
  • Salesforce Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Salesforce Industry Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Works with:

  • Outlook Desktop 2013
  • Outlook Desktop 2016
  • Office 365 Outlook Office Add-In
  • Outlook Office Add-In for Exchange 2013 & 2016
  • Outlook for Mac with Office 365 or Exchange 2013, 2016
  • Support for Terminal Server & Citrix
  • Support for Published Desktop & VMWare
  • Gmail
  • Gmail Extension (Chrome)

Accurate sales data. No data entry.  Always up-to-date.

ZynBit. Be Data-Driven




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