Salesforce Email, Link, and Web Visitor Tracking

Know exactly who’s engaged. Close deals faster with buyer signals.

See who opens your emails, clicks on your links, and visits your site. Gauge their interest and prioritize your follow up.

You send 100’s of emails to prospects each week. And 1000’s more visit your web pages. With ZynBit’s tracking features, you know exactly who’s keen, can see exactly what they’ve viewed and what they’re most interested in. Armed with this information you can easily prioritize and reach out to the hottest prospects who are ready to buy.

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Get intel on your best prospects as they engage with your web content and emails.


Email Tracking

Follow up with prospects when they are ready to take the next step

Link Tracking

See which email and web links get clicks and learn how prospects engage

Web Visitor Tracking

Know which prospects in your pipeline visit your site and the pages they read

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

Knowing when to follow up, what information prospects need to hear next, and which prospects to engage doesn’t need to be a guessing game.

With ZynBit you don’t have to guess. Buyer signals scores every action your leads take so you can see who read your emails, who clicked on a link (and what they saw), which web pages they visited, and if they downloaded any content. ZynBit gives you the insights you need to close more deals.


Is your prospect interested?

ZynBit’s Buyer Signals will tell you

With buyer signals, you know exactly how and when to follow up with your prospects

Each time a prospect in your pipeline takes an action, Buyer Signals tracks the activity—adding points to their score so you can see who is interested and who isn’t. When a prospect opens an email, Buyer Signals assigns a point. Click on a link? More points. Visit the website or download information? ZynBit adds even more points. The Buyer Signal score is a sum of all the clicks and activity over the last 30 days.

To find the hottest prospects, simply click on their record. And to drill down to see their activity, just click on the score. ZynBit does all the work for you. Now you can close the deal.


Is your prospect warming up? -

Buyer Signal trends can tell you that too

Your prospect’s behavior changes over time. Read the trends clearly

Once uninterested leads can heat up. With the data and insights you get from ZynBit’s Buyer Signals, you’re never surprised as previously uninterested prospects move through the sales pipeline.


Are your outreach efforts effective? -

Start connecting at scale

Get buyer signals across all of your outreach efforts

Instead of sending email blasts to all your prospects hoping someone will bite, ZynBit’s Email Templates are integrated with Buyer Signals to give you the insights you need to track email opens, link clicks and web visits. You’ll see when critical decision makers are engaging with your sales messages so you can pick up the phone or reach out via email or on LinkedIn.


Are your campaigns performing? -

Know where every lead comes from

Focus on campaigns that work

Along with the activity data you track, ZynBit works with Salesforce to help identify the origin of the leads in your pipeline. Buyer Signals gives you a more complete picture of who is interested, who is moving through the pipeline, and who is ready to convert—as well as the campaigns that have the most impact on those conversions.

ZynBit gets you the insights.

It’s as easy as...

Compose and send a trackable email (With ZynBit it’s simple.)
Your leads and prospects engage by opening, clicking, visiting your site.
View the buyer signal score and follow up with the hottest prospects.
Stephanie-Rae Higa

" ZynBit helps my team keep track of customer emails pertaining to a specific account, which allows us to better serve our customers. My favorite feature is the ability to see who opened my emails and the number of times they did before responding. We LOVE ZynBit. "

Stephanie-Rae Higa

Get the insights you need throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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