Spring Cleaning with CRM Fusion Makes ZynBit’s Salesforce Data Sparkle!

7 April 2017 Kathy Roy Salesforce, CRM, CRM Admin

CRMFusion is the maker of DemandTools and Job Builder in addition to other great software utilities.

Zynbit uses DemandTools primarily as a de-duplication tool and we think it is the best thing since the invention of the wheel.  We use this utility and found it amazingly intuitive and functional out-of-the-box.  We had a session with our start-up consultant who is WONDERFUL and is a data purist like myself, so the session couldn’t have been more fun.  I kid you not, I would go for drinks with this woman if possible, and I know we could talk about bad data handling practices and their remedies for hours.

ZynBit is a business integration tool that works with Salesforce and we have cool features in place to ensure that when using our tool, people don’t unknowingly create duplicates or bad data.  We help use Salesforce from your email in-box, and we display contacts and accounts which exist within Salesforce to help prevent users from creating problems.   However, our internal business process is such that we do have duplicated data created by our ETL tools on a regular basis.

One example is the leads we get from views on the Salesforce AppExchange.  We use DemandTools to de-dup these in a single table de-dup of leads for repeat visitors who are interested in ZynBit.  We also use the Lead to Contact and Lead to Account de-duplication so that we don’t have the same new user as both a lead and a contact.  It also keeps us from having leads for people who are actually new members of an existing account.  Then we use Salesforce workflows to make sure that the newly dedup’ed leads get the attention they need from the appropriate customer success agent.  The tool provides excellent logs and the all kinds of other utility goodies that only a Salesforce administrator could drool over (I know, I am starting to scare you).

If that wasn’t enough, you can schedule this all with the JobBuilder tool to run on the frequency of your choosing.  I think I have the cleanest Salesforce data in North Carolina, but if your data is cleaner, I salute you!  If you’d rather not think about the state of your Salesforce, now is a great time to do de-duping and Spring Cleaning.  The tools I mention are the tip of the iceberg, and I have never talked to a company who doesn’t have some kind of data cleaning issue.  So I’m sharing my little secret and telling you that DemandTools is the stuff dreams are made of.  Well done, CRMFusion!


Kathy Roy is a certified Salesforce Admin and Data Geek for ZynBit!



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