Best rated email and calendar integration app on Salesforce AppExchange
Five Star Rating + 375 reviews in the AppExchange

ZynBit is the #1 alternative for Salesforce for Outlook

Simple Salesforce integration with Outlook, Gmail & Office 365

 - Sidebar, Email Tracking & Calendar Sync

If your team uses any version of Microsoft® Outlook®, Gmail or Office365, ZynBit will help them manage their sales more efficiently. Your sales reps can view, edit, and add Salesforce records directly from their email client, associate emails and events to Salesforce records, track email opens, attachments, and more...

The Salesforce™ Outlook plugin is popular, but it’s an end-of-life product...

Salesforce for Outlook is an end-of-life product, meaning there’s no support offered; you are on your own. Here is a snippet from the Salesforce website itself:

Straight from the Salesforce™ website


Instead they recommend...

Lightning for Outlook and Lightning sync,


Salesforce Lightning is “slow” and “inefficient”

Fortunately, there is an alternative...

Best rated email and calendar integration app
on Salesforce AppExchange+375 reviews

“Much better than Salesforce native products Salesforce for Outlook, Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync...”

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ZynBit offers 100% secure Salesforce integration

Lightning for Outlook

100% secure & configurable connection paths

Integration creates vulnerabilities

ZynBit provides enterprise-level security. Many of our customers choose ZynBit as the most secure AppExchange partner. Connection paths of data are completely configurable and secured with SSO, SAML, or OAuth.0

ZynBit processes the least amount of information required to complete the job.

Requires Exchange 365 credentials in the cloud which create vulnerabilities in your network.
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Don’t take our word for it, see what users have to say...

Power your data-driven sales with ZynBit

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Plus, with ZynBit you can do even more …

Salesforce for Outlook and Lightning for Outlook don’t even offer this...

  • Go mobile

    Put Salesforce data into your mobile inbox. ZynBit works on mobile to capture contacts and email correspondence. Plus you can manage follow-up, log calls, attract and delight your customers when you’re on the go.

    ZynMobile on iOS App Store ZynMobile on Google Play for Android

  • Calendar scheduling automation

    Scheduling calls and meetings can be a massive waste of time as reps and clients email back and forth or play phone tag. ZynBit simplifies scheduling and delights customers at the same time. Plus, ZynBit provides smart insights on your customer meeting data so you can easily measure performance and keep your pipeline healthy.

  • Email tracking and email templates

    Insights reps can actually use to improve.

    ZynBit provides a holistic view of customer and sales team activities including email opens and web tracking, so it’s easier than ever to prioritize your follow-up. And find training opportunities to help your team improve. Instead of digging for information, ZynBit puts customer activity data in your inbox so you can focus on closing and nurture follow through.

This is why ZynBit is the best rated Salesforce Integration in the Salesforce AppExchange

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ZynBit greatly reduced the number of support calls I've had to make

“For a while we were using the Salesforce for Outlook free tool, but we were doing admin support at least 10 times a week. ZynBit greatly reduced the number of support calls I've had to make. And it's delivered the means for the sales reps to easily and quickly sync emails to Salesforce and edit records right from the side panel.”

Courtney Roberts
Chief Operations Officer, Barber Financial Group

Integrating Salesforce with email & calendar is about much more than productivity...

It’s about becoming a data-driven sales organization.

“Salesforce is a huge company doing a lot of things right. But while Salesforce needs to work on thousands of different tools, ZynBit is focused solely on powering data-driven sales.

We built ZynBit to keep salespeople out of Salesforce while capturing, tracking and measuring all of their sales activity data.

This sole focus means expert support, faster fixes and regular performance improvements for teams that are serious about using data to drive sales.”

Phil Dixon, CEO

The only reliable Salesforce–email integration, backed by a 5-star support team that powers your data-driven sales

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How do I start using the ZynBit sidebar?

As soon as you complete the signup wizard you get to choose your email provider: Outlook | Outlook for Mac | Gmail | Office 365.  Need help? Start a chat with us.

Is this going to be easy for sales reps to use?

The number #1 thing we hear from customers is that we make their lives easier. You won’t have to learn complex CRM dashboards or feed extra information to Salesforce. It’s all done for you with simple tools that work from your inbox.

Does this mean more CRM work to do?

Not at all! ZynBit does all the heavy-lifting for you. It reads your inbox for sales activity and updates Salesforce on its own, without any manual work. And if you want to update fields manually, you do it from your inbox instead of opening Salesforce.

Can I test ZynBit with my Salesforce Sandbox?

Sure! Sign up/Sign in with your production Salesforce account. Once you’re logged into ZynBit you can connect a sandbox via the sidebar or with sync.

Can I use sync only?

Yes. You do not have to install the ZynBit sidebar to sync your calendar, email, tasks or contacts.

How fast does it sync?

Instantly. You open an email, ZynBit gets the data and is already on its way to Salesforce. It’s so fast it’s practically real-time.

Do you support my edition of Salesforce?

ZynBit supports all Salesforce editions. Community Cloud | Sales Cloud | Service Cloud | Essentials | Professional | Enterprise | Unlimited

Is ZynBit secure?

We take your security seriously. ZynBit provides enterprise-level security. Many of our customers choose ZynBit as the most secure AppExchange partner. Connection paths of data are completely configurable and secured with SSO, SAML, or OAuth. ZynBit processes minimal proprietary information.

Power up your inbox and automate sales administration


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4X Salesforce Admin Mary Tagler
Training on ZynBit has been very quick

"Many of our users struggle with technology, so we wanted something simple and straightforward. Training on ZynBit has been very quick. Most users were up and running immediately."

Mary Tagler
IT Systems Analyst, RMB

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About ZynBit

ZynBit powers data-driven sales teams to optimize sales capacity.

ZynBit captures high-value customer interactions enabling your sales, management, and operations to understand pipeline activity, sales performance, and territory management patterns.

It integrates seamlessly with your existing sales workflows across mobile, browser, email and calendar simplifying the day-to-day of customer relationship management. At the same time, it collects meaningful customer data needed to optimize sales operations.

ZynBit makes salespeople more efficient and empowers management with valuable insights needed to run the business, improve customer acquisition and drive retention.

ZynBit. Be Data-Driven.

Sales Ready: Mobile | Salesforce Sidebar | Salesforce Sync | Meeting Scheduling | Opportunity Insights

ZynBit simplifies your sales stack. All-in-one:

  • Salesforce® data in your Outlook & Gmail sidebar

  • Sync Calendar, Email, Tasks and Contacts automatically

  • Book more meetings with one-click scheduling

  • See which prospects open and click your emails

  • Mobile Inbox + Salesforce®

  • Scan Business Cards to Salesforce®

  • Identify high-probability opportunities

  • Supports Outlook Mobile on iOS & Android

  • Discover & Sync Contacts

Five Star Rating + 375
reviews in the AppExchange